Top 10 Best WooCommerce Donation Plugins

 If you are looking for a full-service WooCommerce donation plugin to collect donations from your website, these 10 donation plugins will be the best solution.

Do you want to collect donations through your WordPress website? Are you seeking the best WooCommerce Donation Plugin that will help you do the task? Using a donation plugin to accept donations from the customers is a fantastic approach to increase the amount of money raised for your cause. You will find a lot of free as well as paid WooCommerce donation plugins for the WordPress website.

Here in this article, we’ll go through the top 10 most popular WooCommerce donation plugins for WordPress websites. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of those plugins for receiving donations from customers. Learn about the best donation plugin by reading this article.

10 Best WooCommerce Donation Plugins

Here is the list of the top 10 best WooCommerce donation plugins for WordPress websites below

Best WordPress Donation Plugins


GiveWP is one of the popular and best fundraising solutions or WordPress donation plugins. Almost 100 000+ WordPress-powered websites are currently using this plugin to receive donations. This donation plugin lets you receive donations through gorgeous forms. This WooCommerce donation plugin has several exclusive features that provide an excellent option for professional fundraising efforts.

GiveWP is a robust contribution platform suited for online giving that was built from the bottom up for all of the fundraising requirements. It is easy to set up and has everything we need to carry out our non-profit contribution campaign. You may integrate with a broad choice of gateways to take credits card contribution payments.

This WooCommerce Donation Plugin features a complete management area for donors with detailed reporting. This exclusive feature helps you to manage all the donations. GiveWP provides a free donation plugin for WordPress, but to access all of the solid extensions and features, you’ll need to subscribe to one of their annual subscription plans.

Key Features of GiveWP

  • Brandable, impressive donation form with customizable field and easy payment option.
  • The donation forms provide features for requesting various contribution amounts.
  • Filtering of reports depending on factors such as payment type, form, and time of day
  • The Custom Campaign Goals of this plugin is an ideal way to enhance the donations
  • GiveWP donation plugin allows you to receive payment through 18+ payment gateway

Pricing of GiveWP

  • Free Version: Free to use
  • Premium Version: $175-$350 per year


  • Simple and easy to use donation plugin
  • It comes with exclusive features and functions
  • Provide exclusive customer service support


  • The premium version is relatively expensive
PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations

If you are looking for a free WooCommerce donation plugin for your website, PayPal Donations will be the best solution for you. It’s a free donation plugin that allows users to include a PayPal contribution button on the site. By clicking the send button from your website, donors can send donations using their PayPal account or even PayPal credit card.

This one is a very basic contribution plugin that includes seven-button layouts and the ability to add your button style to fit your design. The purpose of these plugins is to make connecting your PayPal to WP and receiving contributions as simple as possible. Visitors may also pick from various recurring monthly contribution choices using this plugin.

Any WordPress theme may use this PayPal plugin. If users don’t want to modify the contribution form and just want a simple, free solution for receiving one-time donations, then this plugin may help. Everything with PayPal is simple to use, and it scales well with the business.

Key Features of PayPal Donations

  • PayPal Donations plugin is totally free to use and has no extra charge
  • It is straightforward to preview the button to the website with this tool
  • This donation plugin allows you to select several styles donation button
  • Simply add payment fields to any form you want to receive payments on

PayPal Donations Pricing

  • Free Version: Free to use
  • Premium Version: $49.95 to $249.95 per year


  • This plugin does not charge any extra fees
  • This plugin is easy to intergrade and easy to use
  • The funds may be placed into a local bank account


  • It has limitations in integrations as well as functions
donation plugin for wordpress


Charitable is another best and most popular donation plugin for WordPress websites. This one is an essential donation plugin for non-profits looking for practical fundraising tools at a low cost. Like the GiveWP plugin, you will be able to create an excellent as well as eye-catching donation form with this WooCommerce donation plugin.

Also available are entire fundraising programs that reflect the number of contributions received as well as the progress made toward reaching the fundraising goal. You have the option of selecting a set gift amount, adding a custom amount donated, or doing both. You may place the contribution form on any of your pages, articles, sidebars, or multimodal popups on the website.

Charitable also supports peer-to-peer fundraising; you may let others register onto the site and begin their respective fundraising campaigns. It is also terrific to have anonymous contribution support because not everyone wants their name broadcast all over the website after making a gift. While this plugin itself is free, you must subscribe to their Plus subscription to have access to their unique payment methods.

Key Features of Charitable

  • Charitable has a professional appearance and can fit any device
  • With the Pro plan of this tool, you may set up recurring contributions
  • Utilize an email marketing add-on to add donations to your mailing list
  • It lets you send donation receipts as well as notice for new contributions

Charitable Pricing

  • Free Version: Free to use
  • Premium Version: $103.20 to $699 per year


  • Fundraising Campaigns with No Limits
  • Donation Forms that Can Be Customized
  • This plugin support peer-to-peer fundraising


  • You have to pay extra costs for add-ons
best wordpress donation plugin

Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations is another primarily used free WooCommerce donation plugin. This donation plugin is straightforward to install as well as configure. According to the makers, you can get this WordPress plugin up and running in about five minutes. Seamless Donations let you receive donation through your PayPal as well as Stripe Account.

It provides total control over the contribution collection and management process from inside the WordPress dashboard. You may receive one-time contributions as well as regular donation payments for your organization. You may also give consumers the option to choose which campaigns they desire their gifts to be distributed.

This plugin includes exclusive features for keeping track of donors and contributions. The features set also includes thank you letters, enabling you to express gratitude to some of the Elite contributors. Because the Seamless Contributions plugin supports several currencies and languages, you’ll be more likely to get donations from all around the globe.

Key Features of Seamless Donations

  • Repeat contributions are necessary in order to attract new contributors.
  • It enables you to accept contributions by credit card or even PayPal account.
  • Excellent management panel for donation lets you manage all your donations.
  • No need for any add-on because recurring contributions are built into the plugin.

Seamless Donations pricing

  • Free To use


  •  Make it easy to receive donations from client
  • It comes with exclusive features and function
  • It lets customers set up recurring donations


  • This tool has limitations on the payment gateway
donation plugin for wordpress

Accept Donations with PayPal

This is another WooCommerce donation plugin that lets you add a button of PayPal donation to your website. Accept Donations with PayPal is a fantastic donation plugin that features seven-button templates. This plugin also allows you to upload a custom button for donation. The PayPal Donation button may be placed anywhere on your website where you wish to collect donations.

This plugin connects any PayPal account to WordPress and receives contributions. If you don’t want to modify your contribution form and want a simple, free solution for accepting one-time donations, this plugin may help. To set up recurring contributions, you’ll need the Premium upgrade, which fees $59.95/year.

To receive donations with this plugin, you have to connect your PayPal account using your PayPal email address. There’s no need to fiddle around through the API or anything else like that. This plugin is straightforward to use, and it comes with clear instructions that make it easier to use. Overall, it provides you with everything you need to start accepting donations on the WP site.

Key Features of Accept Donations with PayPal

  • This one allows the creation of a simple button that users can use to donate
  • People will be able to send a donation to you using their PayPal accounts
  • Choose from seven different button designs or submit your own if you like
  • This plugin provides built-in support for 25 currencies and 18 languages

Accept Donations with PayPal pricing.

  • Free to use


  • It comes with several donation button design option
  • Simplicity makes this donation plugin more powerful
  • It is compatible with any WordPress theme


  • Only receives one-time donations with the free version
Top 10 Best WooCommerce Donation Plugins 1


Donorbox is a kind of donation software that is embeddable and platform-independent, and it is meant to be as simple as possible. Adding a contribution button, customized form, or webpage link to the website is all that is required to begin receiving donations right now. In addition, enhanced capabilities such as recurring gifts, recommended amounts, as well as corporate matching, are available.

One-time contributions, and also monthly, yearly, and weekly reoccurring donations, maybe set up using this feature. The opportunity to participate in gift matching programs and to accept corporate contributions is available to you. Accepting money with this WooCommerce donation plugin is simple and straightforward. You may receive payments using credit cards or other standard payment methods.

Donorbox is quite simple to set up when it refers to linking your fundraiser with your website. The admin panel won’t win any prizes, but it’s advantageous and has all of the functionality you’ll need to make contributions with confidence. This WooCommerce donation plugin is the most comprehensive plugin for a growing organization that wishes to expand beyond one-time contributions.

Key Features of Donorbox

  • This donation plugin lets you accept donations in multiple currencies
  • You can receive donations through numerous payment gateways with this plugin
  • The Advance management system of this tool helps to manage all the donations
  • You can set custom amounts to let your customer one time or recurring donation

Donorbox Pricing

  • Free to use


  • It comes with a simple and easy to use interface
  • It allows customizing the donation target
  • It is possible to create a custom campaign


  • It is a software-as-a-service, not a native plugin
Yith donations for WooCommerce

Yith donations for WooCommerce

Another powerful plugin for receiving charity gifts as well as contributions via the website is YITH Donations for WooCommerce. With a basic WooCommerce set-up, you may use it with a blog site as well as a comprehensive shop. This plugin allows you to design and display custom contribution forms on your website from any location.

You may correlate contribution collecting with certain items that you provide out for free using the plugin, which is free. This tool also assists you in establishing minimum as well as maximum contribution amounts. Additionally, you may allow consumers to make a gift by selecting from a variety of payment alternatives that are convenient for them while doing so.


Key Features of YITH Donations for WooCommerce

This WooCommerce donation plugin also comes with a stylish email template that is sent to visitors when they make a contribution. You may adjust the layout of the contribution form and select the donation amount from the admin menu. You may also go through an archive of the collected donations as well as the contributors who made them.

  • It lets you select different contribution choices with various items.
  • Show total contributions and a donation summary using the widgets.
  • Customize the design and wording shown on the contribution button.
  • Customers may pick from a set of pre-set amounts of donations.

YITH Donations for WooCommerce Pricing

  • Free Version: Free to use
  • Premium Version: $60 to $$299.99 per year


  • It allows you to add a donation button on several pages
  • Different parameters allow managing several donations
  • YITH Donations plugin is straightforward to set up as well as use


  • The free version offers a limited number of features.
wordpress donation plugin woocommerce

Donation For WooCommerce

This one is one of the powerful WooCommerce donation plugins that comes with several exclusive features. This plugin allows you to accept contributions to the website without any hassle. With the help of this donation plugin, you even can set up recurring fundraising campaigns. It allows you to construct fundraising campaigns that are capable of collecting much more than actual contribution payments.

This WooCommerce donation plugin for the WooCommerce website also allows you to specify minimum as well as maximum payment amounts. It is possible to select a fixed donation amount or to allow consumers to choose a value of their own with this plugin. Using the short code, the contribution widget enables you to display the donation button on any post or page.

This plugin also allows you to see how much money your campaign needs to raise before it closes. This tool also has a unique donor count that you can display under the progress bar. Overall, this fantastic donation tool for WooCommerce will be the best way to go if you are looking for a WooCommerce donation plugin.

Key Feature of Donation for WooCommerce

  • Accept/Receive donations on your WooCommerce website with ease.
  • Set a set amount, many contribution tiers, or let consumers choose.
  • The donation button may be shown anywhere on the website or page
  • Show a progress bar to show how much money has been gathered so far

Donation for WooCommerce Pricing

  • $99 per year


  • Super flexible WooCommerce donation plugin
  • Customization options for the widget as well as form
  • Easy to use and customize with excellent customer support


  • Developers of this plugin is not very receptive
wordpress donation plugin woocommerce

WooCommerce Donation or Tip

Are you looking for an easy-to-use WooCommerce donation plugin to receive donations from customers? WooCommerce Donation or Tip on Cart and Checkout will be the best as well as the perfect solution for you. It is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use WooCommerce donation plugins for the WooCommerce website. It lets you add a donation button to the cart and also a checkout page on your WordPress WooCommerce website.

This flexible plugin allows the customer to set a specific amount that they want to donate. This donation plugin for the WooCommerce website features 4 types of donation options: Fixed donation through text field, select field, and Percentage donation through text field as well as the chosen field. You will be able to display the donation button 6 several areas on the cart page and 8 different locations on the checkout page.

It is also possible to create a custom message as well as a title for the donation form. You can also change the donation amount in this plugin. You may even enable visitors to input a custom amount, so they give whatever amount they like. There is no need to code to set this super-flexible donation plugin.

Key features of WooCommerce Donation or Tip

  • Super-flexible as well as easy to use, no need to coding
  • Option to set custom message and title to the donation form
  • This donation plugin lets you set the default donation amount
  • Option for view/export the amount of donation for order
  • Display donation button specific position of cart and checkout page

WooCommerce Donation or Tip Pricing

  • Regular License: $20
  • Extended License: $90


  • It is an excellently flexible plugin, easy to use
  • This plugin allows setting custom and fixed amount
  • Add donation button to the cart and checkout page


  • The additional add-on will rapidly add up in price
wordpress donation plugin woocommerce

WooCommerce Donation plugin

Donations on a WooCommerce website are a terrific way to support your favorite organizations. It is a fantastic donation plugin for the WordPress WooCommerce website. This plugin makes it possible to preview the donation button on any WooCommerce product cart page. One of the outstanding features of this WooCommerce donation plugin is that it lets the client set a specified amount of donation.

So, it is possible to get any amount of donation through this plugin. WooCommerce Donation plugin is compatible with any theme or even template that you have. You will be able to easily integrate this fantastic donation plugin with your existing template. It allows you to construct fundraising campaigns that are capable of collecting more than just essential contribution payments.

It is possible to personalize your fundraising campaign by adding features. Donation-based programs include pre-set default parameters that may be customized depending on personal preferences. This donation plugin for the WooCommerce website provides a report about donations. It assists you in keeping track of the number of donations received for a particular campaign.

Key Feature of WooCommerce Donation

  • This plugin lets the client set and donate a specific amount of donation
  • It makes it possible to add a donation button to the product cart page
  • It is also the Possibility of having a fixed amount or a variable amount
  • Details documentation with Screenshot make it easy to use for anyone
  • Campaign support and donation’s report makes this plugin more amazing

WooCommerce Donation Pricing

  • Regular License: $19
  • Extended License: $75


  • Simple as well as powerful donation plugin
  • Provide excellent support for customers
  • Highly customizable donation amount


  • Some consumers claimed about the bugs’ issue.

Best Donation Plugins by Active Install

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Final Thought

So, this is our review of Best WooCommerce Donation Plugins. Here you highlighted the 10 best and most popular WordPress donation plugin that is able to meet all your demands. All of these plugins are easy to use as well as let you receive donations in a unique way. Hopefully, the following donation plugins can assist you in raising donations on the WordPress website in an easy way.