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UberMenu – Responsive MegaMenu WordPress Plugin

The website menu is the essential part of a website, it not only navigates the visitors to the internally located deeper contents but also allows search engines to crawl the hidden contents in the quickest possible time. On the other hand, nowadays websites are not confined to a couple of pages; it includes plenty of essential pages that are difficult to navigate through a simple menu. To solve this issue, the concept of MegaMenu came to the light. With the help of MegaMenu, you can house unlimited link pointers into countless crucial farthest pages.

But adding MenuMenu on the WordPress website manually is challenging and time-consuming as well. If you want to save valuable time, you can purchase the MegaMenu plugin for your WordPress website. If you seek a recommendation from me, I will advise you to go for UberMenu. For quick feature exploration, I’ve added the plugin details comprehensively. Let’s explore them.

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Review on UberMenu Responsive MegaMenu WordPress Plugin

UberMenu is powerful MegaMenu plugin, turns WordPress menu functionality into the elegantly looking, dynamic, and spacious navigation system. The plugin is responsive and modern browser compatible, can fit with a wide variety of popular WordPress themes easily. The plugin is lightweight and equipped with advanced technologies, doesn’t create any security flaws and code complication. On top that, UberMenu is the best selling WordPress MegaMenu plugin in the Themeforest and still being sold in a full-blown way. The plugin is easy to use and configure, allows even non-techy users to install the MegaMenu without any hassle. If you would like to learn about this plugin fFurthermore, walk through the individual plugin features below.

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Create Amazing Menu Layouts

Whatever your WordPress theme you use, UberMenu can tailor with website code system and gives full-control over creating layouts for your website MegaMenu. You can create columns, tabs, rows, form, icons, images and more without wiring a single line of code. On top of that, you can set separate grid system for individual layout controls.

Responsive And Mobile Device Friendly

The MegaMenu plugin has been programmed to respond correctly to the touch enabled devices with a unified user experience. That’s why the plugin comes with control handles to set the responsive breakpoint based on mobile screen width. If you visitors visit your website from iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Feature Phone, BlackBerry, and other popular devices, you can set the menu behavior target device maximum and minimum widths.

Easy To Use Image uploader

To make your website menu interactive Ubermenu allows adding WordPress posts into the mega menu automatically inheriting the post feature image. The amazing part of this navigation plugin: when you don’t like the default feature images, you can upload custom images for your desired WordPress post items. On the other hand, It gives you ultimate flexibility over resizing images. So, either you can set a global size of entire images or specify image-wise resizing settings.

Add Advance Content

When you run a website, sometimes you need to add those contents that don’t link to any page, but are helpful to convey end users a customized massage or allure to perform a task. So, In UberMenu, you can add a wide variety of site contents using widgets, HTML codes, and shortcodes for contact form, Google Map, team section, testimonial, logo slider.

Powerful Customizer

The plugin is highly powerful and customizable, comes with numerous of pre-design color schemes and other robust integrations with more 50+ configurable option handles. With those settings, you can customize your menu appearance with live preview. On top of that, the plugin is equipped with CSS customizer which let you customize the menu frontend interface easily.

Dynamic Submenu Item Generator

UberMenu is a useful WordPress mega menu plugin, creates submenu contents dynamically based post filter and term. Suppose when you have set a WordPress category as one of the submenu items, it fetches the WordPress post published in the specified category. Whenever you create a new post, it automatically links the post from the menu for you. UberMenu not only allows you to pull data of a particular category, but also permit you to add filters like Tags, Custom Taxonomy Term, Author, Parent Item, Post types, and more.

Stunning Tabs Styles

UberMenu has been developed using modern technology and trend. It cares about prevailing site beauty even in an unfavorable situation. So, the menu turns the sub menus into tab-based design when the system detects numerous submenus. So, when you have unlimited contents add in submenus, don’t worry, it organized the content automatically and order them into clean and smart looking tabs.

Abundance of Icon fonts

Icons are considered the proven way to express thousands of words. For this reason, you might have noticed today’s websites are full of meaningful icons so that before reading the text people can understanding the section meaning instantly. To comprehend the opportunity, UberMenu incorporates 50+ icons at core. If you want more icon sets, get the UberMenu extension to enable 500+ icon pack.

Sleek Admin Panel

The one of prominent the reasons the UberMenu being popular is having beautiful and cutting-edge backend interface. The admin interface is clean and easy to eyes, comes with an individual setting for each menu Items and even each menu panel independent get saved via Ajax.

3rd Party Support & Requirement

UberMenu is an awesome solution that can easily tailor with popular WordPress themes and plugins including ShiftNav, Menu Management Enhancer, menu Swapper, and more. On top of that, the plugin is frequently updated for solving bugs and inconsistency. The Mega Menu plugin has been developed on WordPress 3 Menu system which requires WordPress 3.9+ versions and Jquery 1.11+. If you are using WordPress 3.9+, you don’t to include the JQuery separately, WordPress 3.9+ version has the script built-in.

Extensive Documentation and Support

UberMenu is shipped with extensive text and video documentation which allows even beginners to create a crazy looking menu on the fly. In case, you find the documentation confusing or get stuck somewhere while integrating the plugin into your WordPress website, the developer provide top-notch support until you get solvency of the reported issue.

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin


UberMenu has tremendously programmed to perform complex task easily. Like you can stick menu turning on one-click settings. and perform various task running built-in conditional queries. If you use any other WordPress plugin, inform us why you are using them and what are their standout feature.

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