Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers

 Everyone wants to be his own boss. No one wants to be supervised and be under a constant pressure of delivering more than your capacity. Freelancing is one way that will enable you to work according to your own terms and earn huge profits. It also enables you to follow your hobbies or interests and make a living out of it. Writing is one such domain that offers a huge potential for freelancing. So, if you are a freelance writer or going to be one, WordPress has a plethora of plugins that will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Let us take a look at the top 5 WordPress plugins that every freelance writer must make use of.

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Just Writing

 Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers 1

Just Writing is a plugin that will offer you more functionality while using distraction free writing mode (DFWM). The plugin will enable you to add a wide range of additional commands to the toolbar that includes spell check, headings, colors, alignment, copy, cut, redo and much more. You can even add a Preview button and even set the preferences that are to be displayed or hidden. The plugin is updated regularly and has received positive ratings from its users.


Front End Editor


This is a WordPress plugin that will allow proofreading your WordPress posts and pages directly from the real and live version of the website from the site itself rather than from the dashboard. Toggling back and forward between the live website and the dashboard in the back-end can get frustrating and time-consuming. Once you are logged in, Front End Editor will enable you to change the content directly on your website. There are quite a few people who prefer ‘live’ proofing. This plugin is best suited for them.


WP Super Edit

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers 2

WP Super Edit will grant you more control over the WYSIWYG visual editor that is in- built WordPress. The plugin is used as a framework for TinyMCE that will enable you to add plugins and rearrange buttons to the visual editor via a drag and drop interface. The plugin will allow you to add tables, advanced XHTML, emoticons, styles, search and replace, image and link options etc. The installation and removal process of the plugin is pretty easy.


Revision Control

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers 3

Revision Control plugin is for those who rather than relying on an automated system, consider proofreading themselves. The plugin will provide you control over the proofreading process that results in multiple revisions of a piece. You also get to limit the count of revisions that are allowed by post or page. You can even save the multiple revision of posts and pages that will allow you to revert back when needed to. The plugin is updated regularly every year. However, if yo face any issues then you have to resolve it by your own as active support is longer offered for the plugin.


Copyright Proof

Copyright Proof

The Copyright Proof plugin will enable you to secure your work with the help of a digitally signed and time-stamped certificate of the content for every WordPress post of yours. A combined copyright, licensing, certification along with attribution notice at the end of your posts. An anti-theft feature can be included on all your copies and it will also record the IP address of anyone that is attempting to use it. The plugin has received pretty high ratings from all its users so far.



Above mentioned plugins will be very beneficial to you especially if you are a freelance writer and looking to enhance the quality of your writing. I have mentioned only those plugins that proved to be beneficial to me. However, there can be other useful plugins that you would have come across. Please let me know about them along with your views about the article in the comments section below.


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