Slider Revolution Plugin Reviews

In web design stunningly crafted responsive sliders play a vital role to make content engaging and lucrative. Even it can highly enhance site’s interactivity and grab visitors attention in not times. Basically, sliders are placed on the homepage at the above the fold. Do you know why above the fold is chosen for slider placenment?

Statistics shows visitors spends 80% of their visiting time in the hero area of a website. From here they try to decide whether they get to the site deeper or not. Generally, static sites can show very few contents in a standstill environment whereas interactive slider enabled website can show a variety of contents through the catchy slides. Consequently, websites can easily communicate with visitors and convey the perfect business message proficiently.

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If you still haven’t a beautiful and aesthetic slider enabled on your website, add it right away. I believe, you will notice a remarkable change in site traffic and revenue simultaneously. Now the question is which slider plugin should be purchased, right? If such question hesitates you, go for Slider Revolution; it’s equipped with everything you need to make a website fantastic. Don’t convince? Read the following comprehensive review.

In-depth Review on Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution is a revolutionary best selling responsive WordPress slider, powering more 1000K+ website with ease. The plugin is a powerful tool to create slider based content displaying solution to show images videos and captions with modern, sleek and intuitive 3D transitions. The plugin is highly customizable and easy to use, shipped with visual drag and drop editor which let you create visitor-convincing layouts on your own without writing single of code. Slider Revolution revolution is SEO friendly and optimised for mobile devices tightly, will save your valuable hours keeping you away from manual code writing. Let’s flip through the crucial slider features individually.

Responsive Slider Layouts

Slider Revolution is shipped with tremendous features to make slideshow carousel layout responsive for both large and small screen devices. The plugin is bundled with custom, fixed, auto-responsive and full-screen layout. Custom and fixed width layouts come to create pixel specified layouts. The custom layouts have a different functionality combined than fixed layout, allow you to set device specific width on the fly. When you want to spend your time declaring pixels manually, you can select auto-responsive. It will fit your site slider with your WordPress template widths automatically. The full-width option is a compelling setting, allow you to tailor your slider layout into any of viewing screen.

Options To Beautify Slider

Besides providing options to fit with your targeted viewing screen, the plugin has options to present slider creatively. Slider Revolution allow you to create custom slider location, select slider delay, options to add media layers and amazing transition to amaze visitors elegantly. And all the useful setting can be chosen from a drop-down list.

Extensive Media Support

Media includes all type of content types of a website. When you create website slider, it allows you to fetch website text, images, videos and link within a couple of clicks. The slider stores the media types into individual layers so that you can add unique animation, styling, and timing for particular media types.

Extensive Template Library

Slider Revolution is the one of the most popular tools for WordPress developer. The popularity of this plugin got the pinnacle for its easy kickstarting functionality. To fasten the developer’s’ workflow, the plugin is shipped with unlimited pre-built slider layouts so that they can easily pick the best-suited layout variation quickly.

Powerful Drag and Drop Visual Editor

Writing code for nimble tweaks becomes sometimes boring for developers and impossible for newbie users. So, facilitate both developers and site webmaster, the responsive slider plugin incorporates WYSIWYG drag and drop editor so that built-in slider templates can quickly be customized and new layouts can easily be created for make website production ready.

Powerful Performance Optimizer

While enjoying the mind blowing drag and drop interface, developers inadvertently make the slider heavyweight. The more graphic elements you load to a slider, the more it becomes bulky. As a result, it takes time to load which is considered adverse to site UX. To keep you away from such a situation the plugin automatically implements lazy loading and scales image sizes accordingly.

Frequent Feature Updates

Slider Revolution was the first release back in 2012. But today’s plugin interface and features are not the same comparing to the initial release. To make it up to date with the current trend the Themepunch team time releases updates to make the plugin cutting-edge and modern. The plugin supports WordPress 3.4 version with ease.

Tightly Secured

WordPress CMS is the secured platform to build websites, but it gets hacked because of 3rd party plugins’ flaws. But the developers of Slider Revolution are found hectic to make it the plugin secured exponentially and appointed dedicated professional researchers to audit the plugin secure timely. That’s the reason; they claim the plugin is 100% secured.

Unlimited 3D Parallax Effect

Creative Interactions are the key elements of website slider that make web content catchy. Besides combining CSS3 and JQuery animation, the plugin includes high fancy 3D parallax effect to take a website to the next level. The interactions are cool to human eyes and charming as well, can enchant visitor mind in the shortest possible time.

Included with Well Documentation and Tutorials

Getting started with any of application becomes easy when it comes with extensive documentation. So, Slider Revolution plugin incorporated with detailed documentation and easy to read tutorials so that anyone having minimal technical experience can configure the full-blown slider seamlessly.

Quickest and Smart Technical Support

Those who purchase premium application they require elegant technical support to configure the plugin according to their requirement. To solve the client issues the Themepunch team appoints a dedicated technical team to provide technical support throughout forum and tickets. Whenever you face any complication, inform the support expert. I believe they solve your complication in the shortest possible time.


I’ve chosen the best slider plugin to create a perfect recommendation for those who don’t know which plugin works perfectly with WordPress themes and latest WordPress versions. If you think, some other popular slider plugins need our review, inform us. If we find your suggestion worth helpful, we’ll publish an article following your advice. So, don’t forget drop us your thoughts over emails.

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