Best Royalty Copyright Free Stock Images Sources

Evey website designers and developers deploy their utmost endeavor to make their web projects lucrative and professional. But without adding high-quality and hi-resolution images, it becomes elusive. Do you know why?

Statistics shows an image can express a thousand words within a single appearance because it can transmit into the brain more quickly a chunk of the text. This the reason premium WordPress themes are packed with premium stock images.

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Unfortunately, premium stock images are precious; consequently, designers and developers seldom afford to purchase them for a fun project, open source project, mockup, and even for commercial purposes. To cover those professionals enthusiast photographers and social light bearers come with free stock photos under creative common and public domain license. If you are looking for the source of free stock photos, I’ve listed them down below


01. Unsplash

Unsplash is the most reliable source of web designers, bloggers, graphic designer and others. Do you know why? It’s because Unsplash brings 10 high-resolution photos with 10 days. The images are governed by Creative Commons Zero license which let you copy, modify, distribute entire photo for personal and commercial purposes.


02. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is an incredible source for designers, developers, bloggers, and marketers who looks for high-quality photos to make their end products or contents mesmerizing. To satisfy the need of them picjumbo houses free stock photo extensively.


03. Jaymantri

If you get bored putting your credit card information, email addresses and other valuable information to download a royalty free stock image, don’t worry. Jay Mantri will soothe your mind. The website is designed being inspired by Unsplash. So you can download images without any email, tweet and credit card information.

Startup Stock Photos

04. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos release magnificent, fabulous and enchanting copyright free stock images. The motto of this free picture directory is to provide benefit to startup, designers, developers, creation, bloggers, and publishers.


05. Magdeline

Magdeleine is fantastic and aesthetic platform to brings free hi-resolution photo every day. You can download images from various categories adding your decent color schemes. The categories are nature, city, and architecture, people, animation, food technology, object, and abstract. You would be excited to hear that The images are available under CCO-Public Domain.


06. Stokpic

Stokpic has a refreshing and bright platform from where you can extensively download free stock photos choosing your desired categories. The photos are available for personal and commercial usage. Moreover, If you need premium stock photography for free, sign up there. The folk sends you 10 premium pictures after two weeks.


07. Picography

Hidden Depth is the creator of reputable source royalty free stock photo source, Picography. Picography grows highly up because of the outcome of the incredible hard labour of him and the content of contributor photographers. If you want to contribute your creation, submit for author approval. When your submission meets the standard, it will be visible to the Picography photo directory and get a backlink in your profile.

Public Domain Archive

08. Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive brings copyright free stock free photo bundle for web designers, photographers, and graphic designers. If you need any royalty free image, find through the search bar or scan categories.

Lockand Stock Photos

09. Lockand Stock Photos

Lock and Stock Photos is a pure source of the free stock picture. You can download images for your personal and commercial usages. If you want to download images, you can do it quickly. Do you know why? The site has designed high UX and UI.


10. Gratisography

Everyone want to add a pleasing appearance to their mockup and creative feeling throughout the design interface, but low-quality images make the obstacle. To solve the limitation, Ryan McGuire captured thousand of photographs and make it available for free of copyright restrictions. Ryan publishes new high-resolution photos every week for different categories so that you can download them quickly.

Freerange Stock

11. Freerange Stock

The people photography is crucial for web designing when you are representing the team section in your web template. To serve your such need extensively distribute Free People Photo with landscape version. On the other hand, Freerange brings free industry and food photos so that you don’t to switch platform in search other essential images.

Free Photos Bank

12.Free Photos Bank

FreePhotosBank is the well-known source, puts together royalty free images from the reliable sources. Here on this platform, you find a picture of abstract, architecture, computer and technology, fruit and food, nature, and more.


13. ImageFree

ImageFree here in this free stock photography field to provide you high-resolution for those who don’t have money to spend for premium services. The website regularly updates new quality photo, are available for corporate and personal projects.

IM Free

14. IM Free

Whenever you need any free image to include in your website project, you can go for IM FREE. It has 50 images in the business category, 9 for technologies, 43 for food and drink, 147 for sports and fitness, 16 for education, 42 for objects, 35 for fashion and beauty, 17722 for Nature, 42 for representing various occupations, arts and music, and a lot more.

Creative Commons Search

15. Creative Commons Search

Creative commons is innovative platform which can find out all images published under the creative common license. It’ll find you images scanning through flickr, Google Image, Open Clipart Library, SpinXpress, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay and more.


16. Dreamstime


17. FreeDigitalPhotos

Creative Commons is an innovative platform which can find out all images published under the creative common license. It’ll find you images scanning through Flickr, Google Image, Open Clipart Library, SpinXpress, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay and more.

Life of Pic

18. Life of Pic

LifeOfPix is a marketplace of the high-resolution stock photo, has no copyright restriction and attribution. The images are published weekly it’s been possible image contribution of enthusiast photographers. Lifeofpix is also coming with free stock videos so that you can incorporate them into your website background

Photos Public Domain

19. Photos Public Domain

Public Domain Pictures is an image directory where you find thousands of copyright free pictures. The stock images you can use for site background, mockup, presentation for personal, educational and commercial purposes.

Photo Everywhere

20. Photo Everywhere

Photo Everywhere will be a tremendous source for you if you want a free stock photo for travel and tourism niches. Downloading picture from this incredible source doesn’t require any signup, fees, and help of others.

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