How to make video grid by post grid plugin?

If you are planning to create video grid your your YouTube and vimeo videos then this post will help you to create a video grid with post grid plugin. Post Grid plugin is one of the best plugin for making grid from custom post types.

How to create video grid?

# First install and activate Post Grid plugin from here, you can also directly search and install from your dashboard via plugins menu.

# And then create some post for videos, you can go with default post or if you have custom post type you can also go with it.

# You will see the post grid option under meta box area “Post Grid – Post Options”

Please go Custom Media you will see the input field for Custom youtube id, Custom vimeo id, Custom dailymotion id and etc. you will need to fill these field by exact video id,

If you don’t know how to get the video id, then please see the link bellow where “f52-k5TEFIw” is video id. you need to use that id to input fields, same way you can get for vimeo and other video services.


How to make a video grid

After making some post for videos you will need to create a post grid for the post you want to display for video grid.


How to make video grid by post grid?

Simply create a new post grid form Post Grid menu on your dashboard. you can edit settings as you need, the core settings will show you to create a video grid.

Under “Layout settings” tab you will see the option Media source drag the “Custom youtube video” and place at the top. you can also set other source under first to set priority.

create video grid


You are almost done, just save the post grid or update settings. then copy the shortcode from Shortcodes and paste under page content where you want to display the video grid. here is example screenshot that created from vimeo videos.

create video grid


Hope you will love the post grid plugin how it work simply to make beautiful post grid from any custom post types.