PickPlugins Product Filter for WooCommerce


Default WooCommerce shop page isn’t good enough for search and filter product as user needs, this plugin allows user to filter and search by their own needs and find the best product they are looking for.

Latest Version: 1.0.1
Last Update Date: 2018-10-27
First Release Date: 2018-10-27

All Features

Here is all features list available on this item.

Filter By Attributes

There is included an input field for default attribute color and size, you can also add input fields for custom attributes via action hooks

Add Input Field via Action Hook

You can add custom input field or custom HTML via action hook on filter form and add query argument to shop query.

Remove Existing Input Fields

You can remove any the existing input field via action hook.

Display via Widgets

You can display shop filter anywhere via widgets on the sidebar or footer.

Display via Shortcodes

You can also display shop filter via shortcodes anywhere on sidebar or theme files.

Filter on-sale product

There is option for filter on-sale product.

Filter in-stock

Vis shop filter you can filter product in stock or out of stock.

Filter by SKU

Filter product via SKU also available on shop filter.

Filter by Keywords

The most wanted feature is visitor will be searching by keyword to find your product, there is keyword field available in shop filter.

Filter by Product Categories

You can also filter the product by categories.

Filter by Product Tags

Filter product by tags also available, comma separated value for multiple tag is also available.

Filter by Price Range

You can also filter product by a certain price range.

Filter by order & order by

You can also filter product order by ascending or descending. there is also different order by parameter like price, date, ratings, title, menu order, popularity, title

Highlighted Features

Here is some highlighted feature that make the plugin unique..

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