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Latest Version: 2.0.5
Last Update Date: 2023-05-13
First Release Date: 2015-08-11

Branded location page allows displaying location map in header, location information, available job list under location.

Plugin Features

  • Single Location page [ Demo ].
  • Location information display automatically form
  • Google map for location on header single location page.
  • Available job list on single location page with pagination support.
  • PRO Job count by location [ Demo ].
  • PRO Jobs in map view [ Demo ].
  • PRO Job expandable list by country and city [ Demo ].
  • Location submit form [ Demo ].
  • Ajax list of location when start typing on job submission form.
  • List of related location under same country on single location page.

All Features

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Highlighted Features

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Related Locations

location form same country will display as related location on single location page at bottom.

Related Locations
Job Count by Location

Job Count by Location

A widget view for jobs count by location, so visitor will know how many job available right now from their locations.

Jobs in Map

Jobs can be display in map view so people will love to see which job available form their map.

Jobs in Map
Front-end Location submit form.

Front-end Location submit form.

User can submit request for location by front end location submit form.

Ajax Location Suggestions

User will see ajax list of suggestion when start tying location field.

Ajax Location Suggestions
My Locations

My Locations

User will able to see their created locations from Dashboard.


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