10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress

Images or pictures are the most essential aspects behind the load time of your website because they are excellent for explaining things fast and can be utilized as an enhancer of your content as well. On the other hand, having plenty of pictures in your blog can also reduce the loading speed of the web page greatly. A website that loads slowly can affect your ROI and make you drop your clients. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to optimize pictures on your site to ensure that your site loads fast, thus you can obtain a higher search engine ranking. The image optimizer plugin can help you with this process.

However, getting this plugin is very expensive. So, if you are on a tight budget but still want to optimize the picture in your content, below are the free image optimize WordPress perfect for you.

10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress 1

Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Optimize, resize, and compress your photos with the very powerful and 100 percent free image optimizer plugin for WordPress made by WPMU DEV.

This plug carefully scans every picture you upload or those images you already uploaded to your website. This also cuts the unnecessary information and levels it for you before putting it into the media library. What is more to scanning media uploads capability, this also compresses pictures saved in other folders. This plugin allows you to compress images in various directories to optimize the photos on your blog, including images saved on Amazon S3 utilizing WordPress Offload S3, NextGen images, and pictures in each WP plugin.

Regardless of the plugins, you utilize to manage the WP media library well, Smush can do everything. Smush works with various plugins efficiently and quickly including WP All Import, WP Retina 2x, WPMl, etc.

10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress 2

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimize is indeed one of the most excellent image optimizer plugins for WordPress out there. Users can install this image optimize plugin on their WP installation as a plugin. This will allow you to process the pictures in real-time.

Pictures in various formats like PNG and JPG can be processed in a totally lossless format. Hence, you’ll have similar quality compressed pictures as they were before compressing. Images size will lessen considerably and your site with pictures will load swiftly than ever.



This image optimizer plugin provides easy optimizing of your website. It can also minify, aggregate, and cache styles and scripts, insert CSS in your page, defers and moves scripts to the site’s footer, and minifies HTML.

Autoptimize has extra options that allow the user to remove WP core emoji cruft, async non-aggregated JavaScript, optimize fonts, and many others. These features help enhance the performance of your website, though it’s on HTTP/2 already. There is also a broad API available to let you tailor this plugin to every website’s specific needs and demands.

If performance is important to you, you should utilize any of the caching plugins to carry out page caching. Autoptimize complement with WP Super Cache, Comet Cache, Hypercache, and many others.

10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress 3


Imsanity is very useful with regards to processing pictures to make them lighter or smaller. This WordPress picture optimizes plugin can instantly resize the pictures if they are bigger than the dimension you’ve set in plugin settings. It can also compress the images according to the settings.

This plugin instantly resizes big picture uploads to a size that is reasonable to show in the browser, but still big enough for typical website use. It is easy to configure with a maximum height, quality, and width. If your visitor uploads a picture that is bigger than the size configured, this plugin will level it down automatically to the configure size and reinstate the original picture. It has a bulk resize feature to resize selectively the past uploaded pictures for more disk space. This is also ideal for a website that doesn’t need high-resolution original pictures to be kept.

10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress 4

Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify Image Optimizer can speed up a website with small pictures without losing quality. This image optimizer plugin is considered the most highly developed image compression plugin. This is Nextgen Gallery and WooCommerce compatible.

It has a Bulk Optimize feature that can optimize all existing pictures in just one press of a button. So, it is not an issue even if you have many un-optimized pictures. This can directly change the size of the images, so it saves you precious time on resizing the images before uploading them to your site.

Imagify offers 3 levels of compressions such as normal, wherein the quality of the picture will not be changed, Aggressive, powerful compression with a little loss of superiority which is not obvious at all, and Ultra, the strongest compression approach utilizing Lossy Algorithm.

10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress 5

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

To improve the loading time of your website, you have to optimize your PNG and JPEG images. The Compress JPEG & PNG Images instantly optimizes your pictures through incorporating with the well-liked image compression service.

This plugin is integrated with amazing features like instantly optimize newly uploaded pictures, optimize individual pictures save in the media library, simple bulk optimization of the current media library, change the size of the original pictures through setting the utmost width, height, and width.

Protect copyright metadata, create date as well as GPS location in original images, it supports animated PNG compression, and no file size restrictions, etc.

10+ Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress 6

WP Retina 2x

This image optimizer plugin can make the picture files needed by the High DPI tools and devices, and it shows them to the website’s browser accordingly. Your site will look crisp and beautiful on every mobile device. Retina photos will be created for you instantly, even you can do it manually as well. The idea of retina photos for a full-size image is a very exceptional feature that is just offered by WP Retina 2X.


With regards to search engine optimization and for site visitors, image processing is a very essential factor. It does not just save huge space on the server, but it can also help get better rankings.