How To Monetize Blog On WordPress

If you open a website then your ultimate goal is how to monetize blog on WordPress. Every person dreams who are opening a website. However, you have tons of patience to make money from a WordPress blog.

If you have a WordPress site then you have to know how to monetize a WordPress blog. Well, monetization is math, not magic. We all know WordPress is a powerful open-source platform that everybody can use for free or paid. WordPress is an ideal place for creating your ideas, talents, and interests. Not only that you can make money from it.

There are many ways to monetize a blog that can bring a revenue flow. Of course, all approaches to monetizing a WordPress blog require some extra work. It’s true that there is no cut-short way to get rich quickly. In this article, we will discuss how to monetize blog on WordPress.

Monetize Blog On WordPress

If you are determined to make money and are ready let’s monetize your blog. To make things easier we have accomplished the 5 Best ways to monetize blog. Here are the most popular options for this approach.

How To Monetize Blog On WordPress?

Before going to the main article a question comes to your mind? Why monetize my blog? At present everybody looks for an opportunity to make money online. WordPress is the largest publishing website in the world. Establishing a website can be a full-time job. Blogging is one of the favourite parts of the WordPress site. Blogging is a place where you can share your ideas, a blog can make some extra money for you. Blogging particularly requires you to publish premium quality content regularly so that traffic visits your blog, for this, you have to be patient and consistent, and you have to work hard.

The most successful bloggers make a living their entire life of blogging. But how? It’s all about monetization strategy. You already know that it’s important to keep your readers engaged with a consistent offering of awesome content. That means you may be able to focus on growing your blog. If you are really interested to know how to monetize blog on WordPress then here we discuss the 5 best ways to monetize blog. Try these tips—

Place display advertisement

1. Place display advertisement:

This is the simplest way to monetizing a blog WordPress through display advertisement. You can use ads in ways that are subtle but still effective.

You may install a WordPress theme with ad space. There are different types of advertising that you can your WordPress blog to generate income, the popular given below;

  • Google Adsense: Google Adsense is a trusted advertiser, show their ads on your blog, in that case, you become a publisher whose content generates revenue from those ads. You can earn money through two methods, one is PPC which means pay per click, and the other one is PPM which means pay per mile or view.
  • Infolinks: This system ads advertising links in some words in your blog.
  • Banners:  In banners, the companies promote their website on your blogs. For example, companies pay dollars for a month to put their banners on your blog. Generally, it works for monthly costs.

However, ads are the common ways to generate passive income from blogging websites. But you have to follow some rules that are given below;

  • Google Adsense has some requirements, one of the common requirements is in blog websites you have some quality blogs. New bloggers may not eligible on this basis.
  • You will need a good amount of traffic to earn significant income from the display. Some ad networks have a minimum monthly requirement to get started.
  • You have to keep in mind that frequent use of ads may be disturbing to readers.
  • You have to provide unique, original, and relevant content. 
Affiliate Marketing

2. Affiliate Marketing: 

This is another best way to monetize a blog. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money from a blog if you learn quickly. Before going into the details we have to understand affiliate marketing in an easy way. Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote other products through your WordPress website. The result is you get a commission if visitors buy the product. But here is an option, you can choose the products, and what you want to promote. Big websites like Amazon, ShareASale,eBay Partner Network, Clickbank, etc are offering affiliate marketing. You can check which affiliate products are advertised on other blogs in your niche and contact these businesses.

In affiliate marketing, you need three things a niche, an affiliate product, and visitors to promote it. Blogs are a good platform for affiliate marketing because there are many opportunities for placing affiliate links. If you are not understanding how to place Amazon links? then you can install the WordPress plugin, which plugins to help manage your Amazon links.

Important things for Affiliate marketing:

  • When you join an affiliate platform they have some rules and conditions. So read those carefully so that you may not be banned.
  • Tell your user that you are using affiliate links. For that, you can create a separate page telling that you use affiliate links on your blog.
  • Affiliate links are used where appropriate for use.
  • When you select products that are genuine that readers will trust your recommendation.
  • Build a bonding with your readers with excellent content before placing affiliate links.
 Sponsored blog posts writing

3. Sponsored blog posts writing:

This is another lucrative way to monetize a WordPress blog. Here you can write articles about some products or services related to your niche and the companies pay you, in this way you generate your passive income. As an established writer sponsorship plays an important role to monetize a WordPress blog. Different brands pay you to mention or review their products in your posts. If you regularly publish reviews, you can connect with brands you already cover.

Companies will approach you for sponsored posts if you are already a famous blog writer. But if you are a beginner, you need to make a plan and approach related companies with good proposals. Sponsored content brings you more money but it requires more quality.

If you start a blog with a large number of visitors, some companies will come willingly to pay you good money for sponsored posts. Just like affiliate marketing. However, you will need to be very careful about what sponsored content you choose to promote. The best way to get started with to use a platform. Taboola is a platform that connects people who want to promote their content or products on successful websites. You can connect the Taboola plugin to your account and generates a widget on your site promoting content that’s relevant to your blog.

Some tips for writing sponsored posts:

  • When you write a sponsored post be real and relatable because readers buy products to see your experience.
  • For sponsored posts, you can add images, especially if you using the products, visitors will love your experience.
  • You disclose about the products properly and naturally.
  • Just like you selecting brands to work with, you also have to ensure they are fit for your audience.
  • You can set your own terms and conditions and rates.
How To Monetize Blog On WordPress 1

4. Sell Content:

Sell content is another best way to monetize a WordPress blog. After blogging for a while you must be an expert on your topic. Another common monetization strategy is premium content. Premium content should cover topics within your blogging niche. If you are thinking that what content provides value to the readers, there are many possible content types like;

  • Exclusive posts: Exclusive posts provide extra value to your posts. These blog posts can be entirely new pieces that your audience wants to read. If you want to write exclusive posts then you have to research what your audience wants. One more thing to keep in your mind if you want to write exclusive posts then you have to write a captivating introduction.
  • Ebooks: It is quite easy to turn your blog post into an Ebook. You can turn your amazing content into a completely new product- an Ebook! There are many ways to create an eBook, you can hire someone to handle the creation and design of your ebooks or with the help of expensive software. Though we discuss monetizing WordPress blogs for free, we need to keep that in mind. So, you have to create your own eBook and have full creative control. You can use a free eBook to help you start making your own.

You can sell your eBook on your blog or through platforms like Gumroad or Podia. Selling your eBook on your own site is profitable, you get 100% profit no doubt.

  You can follow some tricks for amazing eBook creation;

  • First, you have to collect your post content.
  • Use post titles to create your table of contents, here you covered all the points that are necessary for an eBook.
  • Then you add content to your eBook.
  • Lastly, you revise and edit for readability and accuracy.
  • Printable Blog posts: Another option of sell content is converting your longest posts into printable PDFs that you can sell. You can download an add-on for Firefox called Aardvark that allows you to alter the appearance of web page content on a browser page without changing the source code.
  • Sell online courses: The next one is more potential for monetizing a WordPress blog, the sale of online courses. Here you can create the opportunity for others to benefit from your expertise. You can present your knowledge in a digestible format for learners via written or video content. However, WordPress has several plugins that are designed for creating educational options. LearnPress has everything set up for educational courses, it has quizzes, tests, and other activities. 
Sell WordPress design or Themes

5. Sell WordPress design or Themes:

In this article, the last option we suggest is how to monetize blog on WordPress to sell WordPress designs or themes. If you have enough potential and creativity to make a design then you can obviously do this. This will get more technical skills but not too hard to get started. Here, you can create templates for WordPress even you can customize them for particular clients.

If you like to design more than coding, there are other options like you could do design and sell images and graphics on your WordPress blog. You can create graphics with stock images or logos and offer them on your site as e-commerce plugins. You could also join online markets to sell your images like Creative Market or ThemeForest and many more.

Some tricks to use in selling design or themes;

  • You have to choose a niche and then design according to your niche.
  • Follow the WordPress coding best practices. It helps you to build loyalty and trust as a designer or developer trying to sell themes or images.
  • Create a user-friendly theme options page this creates a strong reputation.
  • You have to price your themes and then start selling. 

In the above discussion, we can say, WordPress websites have huge flexibility so there are plenty of options to gain profit from a WordPress blog. If you open a website then your ultimate goal is how to monetize blog on WordPress. Every person dreams who are opening a website. However, you have tons of patience to make money from a WordPress blog. Because you must know how to wait for traffic from google search and other search engines to arrive. WordPress is a place where you can share and collaborate on your work and it helps your business grow. So you should focus on the quality of your blogs and monetize your WordPress blog.