5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins

The word GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This kind of law was officially imposed on May 25th, 2018. As cyber law is improving day by day so your site needs to be updated in time with all kinds of law. A gender plugin will help your site to prove that it is GDPR approved. So your user will feel safer than ever when they will enter your site. They can enter their personal information without any hesitation. Your site will earn more trust in others. We have selected some awesome and useful GDPR WordPress Plugins which will come in handy for your WordPress site. You will need this kind of plugin otherwise maybe accidentally you will do something that will not go according to GDPR. That will cost you greatly. Maybe gradually you have to lose your site. That’s why a plugin can save your site greatly.

5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins 1

WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR compliance is a nice plugin. It has some features which are useful. Such as it has forgotten my features. With this feature, users can delete all kinds of his/her data on your site.  It has the function of data breach notification. If any user’s data is at risk of breaching a notification from your site will be sent to him/her. You can add a form which is filled with data security-related question and after filling the form, a user can contact DPO of your site. Also, it has features of newsletter unsubscribe, cookie accept pop up, etc. This plugin is compatible with any kind of platform so feel free to use this.

5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins 2


This plugin is a kinda featured rich plugin.  It has a consent management system. It provides Privacy Preference notice for accepting  Cookies with a nice preference UI & also a pop-up notification to make aware your visitors. When your user will delete their data this plugin will send an email to your user for confirmation. That’s kinda unique. It has Data Processor settings and it can publish contact information. This plugin will give your user the Right to access data by admin dashboard. Also, they can export data. The catalog will be encrypted by this plugin so the data of any user will be so much safe. Also, it provides two-step authentication which makes the data more secure. It also provides data breaches to users. It has a telemetry tracker for supervising the plugins and website data. With this plugin, you can easily ensure the safety of your user’s data. If any user wants to re-input their data an email will be sent to that data to confirm.

5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins 3

GDPR Cookie Consent

This plugin is developed by websafe. This is mainly a plugin for giving a pop-up notification whenever a user enters your WordPress site. This plugin consists of a banner with a nice UI with accepting and reject buttons. It can be set into the header or in the footer. You can customize the design and the color of that banner. You can set the font according to your choice. Also, you can set the function of how the banner will behave or will show its expression when someone will click the accept button. You can make options for that banner to disappear after a few moments or users have to enter the site after clicking the accept button. It is completely configurable. This plugin has cookies config module so you can show your visitors what kinds of cookies you are using and it can be shown in a table neatly. As it supports WPML and qtranslate so no need to worry about translation.

5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins 4

GDPR Cookie Compliance

This GDPR WordPress plugin is designed to make prepare your website for showing the GDPR cookies acceptance regulations. There is a negative effect of this plugin is that it won’t give you full compliance cause it is just a template. You can modify the color and text of this plugin. Also, you can customize the plugin according to your necessity and choice. As it is a cookie-based plugin you can also set its position. Your users will click the accept or reject button on the banner while they are exploring the website. This thing needs bespoke development work cause every site is different and unique. So proper installation is needed to make it work. Without proper development work, it won’t be possible to get the full outcome.

5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins 5

Cookie Notice for GDPR

Another GDPR WordPress plugin is based on the cookie notice. That means it will give a pop-up notification to the visitor of your site when they will enter your site.  It will provide 100% GDPR compliments.  You can customize the cookie message according to your need. If they need more info about cookie policy there is also a page in this plugin that contains all the info. Also, it has a multiple cookies expiry option. It will also link up your user to the privacy page. This plugin will enable the Option to accept cookies on the scroll. Like other cookie-based plugins, you can set the position of the pop-up banner. Also, you can set a message banner for those users who accept the cookie policy.  Totally SEO-friendly and you can provide the message in various languages.

5+ Best GDPR WordPress Plugins 6

The GDPR Framework

This is the plugin that will reduce the load of your work and will save you valuable time. Any kind of website that using a caching plugin, they have to exclude the Privacy Tools page from that cache plugin. Or this plugin won’t work properly. Though this plugin won’t give any kind of surety to give full compliance. It will just work as a general information tool. This plugin won’t bear any liability if you break any kind of law regarding GDPR. It is a fully documented plugin. Fully customized and you can choose many templates provides by this plugin. It is supported in many platforms like WPML, woo commerce so it won’t be a trouble for you to use.

As the cyber law is becoming strict day by day so for ensuring the safety of your site as your site may be suspended due to breaking a GDPR law. So it is highly advised for any WordPress site owner to use a GDPR WordPress plugin so that the user will be aware of what kind of data and cookie you are using. This will keep the clearness of your site to others.