Today we will discuss some awesome and useful SSL plugins for your WP website. After reading this you
can easily decide which will be the best data guard plugin for you. So let’s skip the big talk and hop

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in. The word SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Its an ideal security process to link up a relation between
a browser and a web server. This thing confirms that all data bypass between a client and a server
remain safe and secure. This is the ultimate savior of the hacker and data of illegal trafficking. In
WordPress, is the most essential thing to maintain a site properly.WordPress sites can also get some
utility from SSL by adding an SSL certificate to their web hosting plan. There are also WordPress plugins
available which allow users to set up their SSL certificate information throughout their WordPress sites.

Really Simple SSL

There are certain reasons why I put this SSL plugin to number one.
Easy to use, user-friendly and no trouble while installing is the major reason. Currently, it is the most
downloaded SSL plugin. It is a really simple SSL plugin that can bring real-time security to your site. It
has also some awesome features which make it more acceptable to others. It is workable with any kind
of SSL certificate. It has a premium email facility for its customers. The wonderful thing about this
plugin is you can renew the license with a 50% discount on a yearly plan. So you can relax rely on this

plugin. Your tension of budget expansion is not necessary. Once this WordPress SSL plugin is activated,
this plugin moves your entire site to SSL. All incoming requests are redirected to HTTPS. So this can be
your first choice to be the updated user of SSL plugin.

WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

Among all free plugins, this is the most preferable one. Cause This ssl plugin is free of cost which will
assist you with securing your site by utilizing HTTPS instead of HTTP in URL. It can change all internal
links, images, and internal scripts to HTTPS to prevent the trouble of incomplete encryption errors. It also
needs less loading time than other WordPress SSL plugins. SO it will save the time of loading and will make
your site much flexible at a time. One of the unique features of its is this really simple SSL plugin SSL
plugin forces only those HTTPS elements who should need to be of HTTPS. As a free SSL plugin, it serves
much more. As a free plugin, it is perfect who don't want to spend cash so much. Maybe you won't get
the premium support but it will be a great helping hand to the security of your site.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

What nice about this awesome plugin is somewhat not quite the same as a few others on this list. It
plays out some essential fixes after you’ve officially executed SSL. It can be utilized to understand shaky
substance cautioning effectively. It tidies up pictures and videos to load with HTTPS URLs. It additionally
works on different WordPress sites.

Don’t worry by reading the name of it lol. It will secure your connection properly like other WordPress
SSL plugin.

Easy HTTPS Redirection

The name says it all. Presenting you one of the easy-to-use plugins exists. After installing SSL on your site
you can use this plugin. The main feature of this SSL plugin is that automatically redirects non-HTTPS &
HTTP URLs to HTTPS. The other features are it can force load elements such as elements CSS,js &many
more. You can choose for yourself which URL you want to redirect. This is the feature many ssl plugins
do not provide. You can also force the whole domain to open in HTTPS. This will ensure more strong and
stable security to your site.

WP Force SSL

This is one of the basic SSL plugins that earned much popularity. It redirects all WordPress site pages
from HTTP to HTTPS. It doesn't come with the advanced options of some of the other plugins. Cause at
first it is said that it is a basic plugin. As a basic plugin, you don't need to know any kind of code to
implement it on your site. Also in this plugin, you don't need to know any kind of code to operate it. Its
the simplest plugin in the field of SSL plugin.

Force HTTPS (SSL Redirect & Fix Insecure Content)

This is the last plugin in this article. This is an initiative and beautiful WordPress SSL plugin. Cause it has
some exceptional features that make it different from others.
Something like this SSL plugin owns database storage and can fix insecure content instantly. This will
ensure the instant security of safety to your site. And there is more. To ensure higher security it
supports only a single WordPress site installation so it can manage the security more swiftly. It’s
compatible with MySQL 5.7 and PHP 7.0 so you will be up to date always. It’s free and you can easily
install this. So you can call it totally user-friendly without any doubt. After using this plugin you can
experience the ultimate performance with some benefits that other plugins cant provide.that's the main
beauty of it. The developers are way too much dedicated I think about this plugin. Cause with some
great effort this kind of plugin can be made.

We have discussed some top downloading and popular WordPress SSL plugins. Hope it will help you to
choose which will be perfect for your site. You can choose and judge the plugins easily cause after a long
experiment I selected these plugins. These are the ideal SSL plugin for any kind of WordPress site. After
reading this, you will find it easier to choose. Hope this article will be helpful for you and the safety
of your sites will be in your hand.

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