5+ Best Free WordPress Slider Plugin

A lot of beginners in WordPress get overwhelmed due to the huge numbers of WordPress Slider Plugins available. To help you narrow down your options, here is a review of the best WordPress slider plugin free to use.

Responsive Slider – Image Slider – Slideshow for WordPress

Made by Huge-IT, one of the leading creators of WP plugins associated with gallery display and management, and Responsive Slider is one of the flagship WP plugins of this company. This slider plugin offers a compact means of showing visual WP content in a slider, which works in various modern devices flawlessly.

If you have been searching for the best WordPress Slider Plugin to meet all your needs, then Responsive Slider is the best option. It features a stunning slider transition effect, which makes this plugin a good option for modern and classic WordPress blogs. Setting up just takes a couple of minutes to ready for live production, pick a set of pictures you want to display and use any extra effects and that’s it. The integrated media library is separated from the original files of pictures. So this allows you to upload lots of pictures straight to the slider folder. You can also customize the form of the sliders in the slide folder. Customizing things such as descriptions, slider titles and custom buttons is a breeze. The intuitive interface is friendly even if you are a novice or expert, and it will not take long for your site to start to look professional.



Another remarkable WordPress Slider Plugin available, MetaSlider has equipped with 4 slideshow types including Coin Slider, Flex Slider, Responsive Slider as well as Nivo Slider. Each one is fully customizable according to your preference and need.

This free WordPress Slider Plugin allows the user to change colors and dimensions, add destination URLs and captions to every picture. Like many other WordPress Slider Plugins, Meta Slider slideshow is more responsive as well.

5+ Best Free WordPress Slider Plugin 1

Master Slider – Responsive Touch Slider

If you are looking for a free WordPress Slider Plugin with thousands of active installations and offer a huge number of features, look no further than Master Slider. Design friendly, very responsive, Master Slider offers you the preference to display content or static picture slides. It has an amplified sliders transition effect, especially handy for smartphone displays. What is more, it also integrates swipe and touch features for an amazing mobile experience. The fact that is made based on the most excellent WP development methods, users will experience high-performance levels. Master Slider supports older types of IE or Internet Explorer and works seamlessly with another contemporary web browser. When it comes to transition effects, this plugin uses jQuery for loading, and for animation it uses CSS3. This free slider plugin has many slider transition effects and 8 custom themes.

Slider by Soliloquy – Responsive Image Slider for WordPress

This is one of the most renowned sliders for WordPress out there due to many good reasons such as it is easy to install. There is also a need for downloading flash software in making and uploading sliders or messing around with the setting. This plugin just works.

After adding your pictures, choose the size of the slider, slider speed, and then press publish button. Then you will have to copy the shortcode onto a post or page where you like the slider showed. Even if Slider is a lite version, still it is integrated with many essential features perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Slider by WD – Responsive Slider

Slider by WD – Responsive Slider

With this Slider by WD, you can create responsive and beautiful content sliders for Websites or WordPress blogs. This is a very powerful slider plugin that is best for instantly putting in a mobile-optimized slider to your posts or homepage. This WordPress Slider Plugin is based on the concept of widgets. This also supports putting in videos from YouTube and Vimeo platforms. What is more, the huge library of customizing effects adds an exceptional look and feel to the slides.

If you put in new pictures to your gallery, you can opt to upload utilizing an external photo URL or using WP. Each time you write a post with lots of photo galleries or albums, you can utilize the shortcode to place in the slider, instead of using WordPress galleries. It offers custom features like photo watermarking, security from downloading your image, as well as general design customization.

Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides

The best free WordPress Slider Plugin when it comes to creating slideshows and publishing them with widgets, shortcodes as well as a template tag is the Meteor Slides. The sideshows level with fluid and responsive themes in order to fit mobile devices. This plugin is managed by jQuery Cycle and has more than 20 transition designs to select from.

Meteor Slides is integrated with essential features such as mobile-friendly, easy integration, multiple slides, slideshows metadata that customize individual slideshows, slideshows settings page that manage the width and height of the slide, number of slides as well as the speed, transition style of the slideshow as well as the kind of navigation. It offers many styles of slideshow transition, slideshow navigation, multisite compatible and it supports multiple languages including Chinese, Dutch, Greek-French, Turkish, Swedish, Romanian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, etc.

Cyclone Slider

If you are looking for a free WordPress Slider Plugin that is user-friendly, look no further than Cyclone Slider. It is built with an intuitive user interface, simple yet very extensible.

There are many good reasons why lots of novice and professionals choose Cyclone Slider as their slider plugin for WordPress such as simplified workflow. You can pick between a PHP function and a shortcode to display the slides. This also supports five diverse types of slides like image, custom HTML, YouTube, Vimeo as well as testimonial slides. RTL support and translation ready, this is perfect for numerous languages not just English. It has four core templates such as default, dark, standard, and thumbnails.

This plugin also provides unlimited sliders, exceptional settings for every slider, and it supports random order of slides. It has a widget to show your slider effortlessly in widget areas. It has also the capability to modify script settings. So, you can pick what scripts you want.


These are some of the best WordPress Slider plugins to choose from. Each possesses unique features that will surely suit your needs and preferences. What is more, you can use them for free.