5+ Free WordPress Related Posts Plugin

When your audience starts consuming more of your content, you can expect them to become loyal followers of your work soon. When that happens, they are likely to share more of your articles and content on social media platforms. It also means they are likely to come back to your site regularly for more of your articles, which ultimately leads to them becoming paying loyal customers.

However, before this actually happens you need to get your audience to come back and read more of the articles you offer. This is where WordPress project management WordPress plugins play a role. These plugins let you include related content links at the end of your content. If you are looking for the best related posts plugin, here is where you can start.

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  1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, or simply YARPP, is noted as one of the best and most common WordPress related posts plugin available with over 3.4 million downloads. Using YARPP, you can link your posts to articles relevant to you, either at the bottom or the side bar of the page. If you want, you can choose either a list or thumbnail. One thing to note about YARPP is it does not really support related “posts” but works well with custom post types and pages.

  1. WordPress Related Posts

Using WordPress Related Posts, you can quickly increase your site visitor’s engagement by using this plugin to add Related Posts at your content’s footer. This plugin lets you automatically add Related Posts, which can increase your internal traffic. You can do this by installing and then activating it. WordPress Related Posts is easy to use for attracting attention, improving SEO and linking out to any related posts across the Internet. Its notable features include support for different styles, customization, thumbnails and caching.

  1. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is a WordPress plugin with powerful features for displaying your related posts in your feed and on website. In displaying related posts, Contextual Related Posts lists them based on the content’s title or the post’s content. This way it ensures your Related Posts related and more of interest to your audience. Therefore, with this WordPress plugin you can better retain visitors, lessen your bounce rates and even refresh your old entries. Out of the different Related Posts plugins, this is one of the feature-rich plugins to support your website.

  1. Related Posts

Related Posts’ design meant for it to show related posts that are as accurate as much as possible. In addition to providing related posts list, it has other features to offer you. This includes more than 60 optimization options to structure your website. Furthermore, Related Posts new version includes a super widget. This widget allows display of the best posts or any related posts to your site content. Quick, easy to use and the fact that it is free make it one of the best related posts plugin for WordPress.

  1. Similar Posts – Best Related Posts Plugin for WordPress

When using Similar Posts, your site can access a list of posts related or similar to your site’s current content. This list of related posts is possible to customize in a number of ways using Similar Post features and options. In finding the lists of similar posts, the plugin considers the post’s title, its content as well as tags. On the other hand, you can also adjust these factors to fit exactly your site. Some of the features the plugin lets you take advantage include full control on display and layout, 30+ tags, 50+ options, widgets, RSS and more.

  1. Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress

When you use Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress, you can add thumbnails for related posts at the bottom of the post. Using this plugin, you can utilize several options and functions for customizing thumbnail sizes, relation type and display settings. Usually, this plugin uses WordPress thumbnail for the post’s image. However, you can choose between ‘thumbnail’ or ‘medium’ size. Other features of the plugin include specifying number of posts, categories, start date and more.

  1. Related Posts for WordPress

With Related Posts for WordPress, you can gain the ability to link similar or related posts to each other in only just a click. This is because of the plugin’s installation wizard, which does all the important things to activate the plugin and let you enjoy its benefits. Once activated, you simply set how many posts it should relate then click the button to let Related Posts for WordPress do the rest of the job. It is a completely easy to use plugin with features for manually adding, editing or removing related posts.

  1. Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts is widely used by companies like BBC, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and more. This plugin can handle your WordPress site’s marketing aspects, the technology that IntellyWP uses. With this, website owners or managers can effectively increase their engagement, lessen their bounce rate and increase page views among other benefits. A low traffic site can increase their page views in dramatic rate thanks to the plugin’s related posts features.

  1. Related Posts by Taxonomy

Related posts play a role in a website’s page views and traffic. It helps drive traffic to your site, which Related Posts by Taxonomy can help you with through its features and benefits. This WordPress plugin helps you increase your user’s engagement through added related posts either at the bottom of the content or in the side bar. You can view the related post content either as a short code or as a widget. A notable feature of the plugin is its ability to find similar posts in different post types and multiple taxonomies.

With WordPress Related Posts plugins, it will be easier for you and your readers to find similar or related posts. These related posts serve a great reason for visitors to come back to your site. The more that your site can provide them with quality content and relevant posts, the more you can establish a good name in the industry that will bring you more traffic and increased conversion.

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