5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugin

The perfect way of making a successful website or blog is to have all your visitors doing diverse acts on your platform and make them your regular visitors. It is not only because of the services or products you offer why they keep on revisiting your website. Aside from having the best services and high-quality products, you can use some effective techniques to increase your engagements to visitors and make them go back to your site over and over again. WordPress popup plugin comes in handy and useful in this situation. This article will bring in some of the best yet free WordPress popup plugins available for your WP site. Aside from being free, they are also very effective and reliable.

5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugin 1

Popups by OptinMonster – Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

This popup plugin is easy to use which allows you to make stunning opt-in forms. You can also make diverse kinds of opt-ins like floating header, WP popup forms, slide-ins or scroll-triggered boxes, after post forms, sidebar forms, mobile-specific forms, in-line forms, welcome gates, etc.

This also allows the user to create a high converting opt-in form fast. It has eight diverse kinds of opt-ins such as popup forms, slide-ins, floating bars, sidebar forms, in-line forms, after-post forms, mobile-only popup forms, as well as canvas.

5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugin 2

Popup Maker™ – Best Rated

Popup Maker is best rated free WordPress popup plugin, aside from being an all-inclusive plugin. You can make any form of a content overlay or modal for your WP site. It has infinite potential without restrictions or limitations. This also provides many features such as banner bars, slide-outs, Floating Stickies, Loading Screens, Opt-In Forms, Notifications, Video Lightboxes, etc. You can utilize the exceptional popup editor to create the subject. The popups created by this plugin are very responsive.

5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugin 3

Popup Builder – Responsive WordPress Pop up

If you are looking for a comprehensive popup system that will allow you to make any type of popup according to your need, then Popup Builder is the best choice. When you use this plugin for WordPress, you can promote an affiliate product, capture leads, and do campaigns, CPA offers, and many others. This is a type of marketing platform that anyone can use on his website with no trouble.

This plugin provides many amazing features not available in any other WordPress popup plugins out there such as drop and drops features; it has lots of ready-to-use cool templates, more than fifty customizable exceptional components that will you capable of creating any kind of popup exceptionally. Geo-Location Technology shows you the exact location of your visitor, like the city or country he or she lives in. This feature is very handy, especially to allocate the personalized messages. The Remote Popups allows you to display popups over other sites prior to sharing them with your viewers. The Social Widget on the other hand can encourage visitors to engage with your site by means of popups through using visitor’s social accounts such as Path, Twitter, Facebook, and many others.

So, if you are looking for a unique popup that is far different from your competitors, then you need to consider using Popup Builder.

Popups – WordPress Popup

With Popups, you can popup anything. You can also make and manage a powerful promotion modal popup exclusively for your site or WP blog. Popups is free, simple to use yet very powerful WordPress popup plugin that can help the user to get the attention of the visitors to bring them in your discounts, deals, offers, and other promotional notices.

This is a useful tool for marketing. It is impressively high converting. Web pages with modal popups usually see more conversions as opposed to the same web pages with no popups. Pages with well-made and kindly implemented popups convert better than those pages with poor popups. With this WordPress popup plugin, users can customize the popups in accordance to his or her preference and need.

This plugin also allows the user to insert any form of content. Insert popup into a post or page, fast and with ease. A pop-up that opens right away is the best way to get the attention of the visitors.

5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugin 4

Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins

Named as the best WordPress popup builder available, Hustle is also proficient in creating targeted marketing, mailing list, creating a social following, lead generation, improving your conversions as well as growing your company or business.

This WordPress popup plugin helps you to develop your mailing list easily or show targeted advertisements across your website with slide-ins, pop-ups, shortcodes, and widgets. This also includes the best social icons or symbols that help in the fast building of your following on your chosen social networks. Instantly enable the popular social network and utilize floating social, shortcodes, and widgets to put in followers.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • VKontakte

Hustle WordPress popup plugin allows you to style your advertising to surely pop. You can choose layouts, animations, colors, display conditions, and drop shadows from user-friendly design settings for slide-ins, pop-ups, social share bars, and email opt-ins.

5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugin 5

Popup by Supsystic

Another useful WordPress popup plugin available is the Popup by Supsystic. This allows you to create purposeful and well-designed popups. With this plugin, you can promote new products, obtain newsletters subscribers, deliver special offers as well as get further social followers. Also, there are many things this WordPress popup plugin offer like popup triggers, 30 plus mobile-ready templates, when to close or show a popup, show pop on next pages, whom to show, time to show, diverse types of popup, modal popup, popup placement, info bar, full-screen popup, slide-in popup, fly-in and many more.


There are lots of WordPress popup plugins to choose from. Choose the one that suits your need. Not every plugin gives the same features and results, so you have to consider the popup you want and choose the best one which offers that specific set of functionality. Listed above are some of the best WordPress popup plugins available, they are handy and most of all free.