5+ Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Are you looking for the best WordPress Live Chat Plugin to add to your website? This blog talks about what you are looking for. As you know, WordPress has possibly countless plugins you can incorporate into your website.

Live Chat Plugins is only one of the different plugins available to add into your WordPress site. Furthermore, there are many Live Chat options to choose from and that makes the decision a little overwhelming.

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On that note, the best way is to start on the highly recommended WordPress Live Chat Plugins that many sites already tried, tested and proven. In that case, here are 8 of the best Live Chat plugins you can try to install into your website.

  1. To Live Chat

One of the most popular WordPress Live Chat plugins, there are more than 1 million business users utilizing this plugin. Tawk.to Live Free Chat allows you to monitor as well as chat with your visitors. With this free app, you can learn valuable insight about your visitors in real time.

At the same time, it lets you stay connected and keep in touch with your visitors and customers, whether on your mobile phone or computer. This is a convenient Live Chat app not just for you but also your customers as it helps them through the pain points of navigating through websites.

  1. Zendesk Chat

Most customers need support during the purchasing making Live Chat support an important site feature. Furthermore, businesses that interact with visitors can build a better relationship with potential customers. On that note, Zendesk Chat is one of the best WordPress chat plugin that lets you in on these benefits.

Using this Live Chat plugin, your visitors are able to talk directly with you through the chat widget. On the other hand, it lets you manage several conversations using the online Dashboard. In addition to holding multiple conversations, there are more features making ZenDesk Chat a powerful Live Chat plugin.

  1. WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is one of the most cost-efficient WordPress Live Chat Plugin making it perfect for use by small businesses. As it does not need a third party connection, it reduces the cost for maintaining the Live Chat feature of your site without reducing its impact on customer experience.

A fully functional WordPress Live Chat plugin, its features allows you to enjoy improved conversion rates. This is because WP Live Chat Support allows you to communicate directly with your visitors. When they need help or has concerns, reaching you is easy with WP Live Chat.

  1. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat service allows easy communication with customers. Designed especially for WordPress users, installing this plugin into your WordPress site allow you to take advantage of the benefits of Tidio Live Chat starting from no registration installation.

Once installed into your site, you get to enjoy amazing features and benefits including keeping track of your site visitors, contacting any customer, adjusting color scheme, integrated widget, dedicated app and more. These features will make your customer experience even better than before.

  1. Wise Chat

If you are looking for a chat plugin to help build your social network and increase user engagement, Wise Chat is what you are looking for. This WordPress Chat Plugin is easy to install, configurable and provides easy exchange of real time messages between you and your visitors.

Wise Chat also has a list of features that continuously grow, providing you constant support whenever you need it. If you want, you can also update the free version into Wise Chat Prom, which offers you extra features such as Pro themes, avatars, private messages, custom emoticons and more.

  1. My Live Chat – Free Live Chat

One of the fastest and high performing free Live Chat plugin, My LiveChat is a user-friendly software solution to your Live Chat needs. Using this Live Chat app, you gain the ability of chatting live with your visitors along with other functions and benefits.

Among the added features include the capability of monitoring of side traffic and analyzing your visitor’s web activities. Using the Live Chat feature is also quite easy for users. They only need to click the Live Help button to connect to you or your representatives for support, question or any concern.

  1. Facebook Messenger Live Chat

This Live Chat plugin uses Facebook Messenger. Using Facebook Live Chat, you can support your customers and start chatting with them on your website. Facebook Messenger Live Chat is free to use and convenient not only for building customer relationship but earning valuable insight.

Using Facebook Messenger Live Chat, you can use great tools such as Social Buttons, Contact Form, Facebook Live Chat, Promo Bar, Social Mobile Tools, Notification Box and more. Use it to communicate with your customers instantly and easily.

  1. Smartsupp Live Chat

Smartsupp Live Chat plugin is a free live chat plugin that also includes visitor recording. It supports visitor identification allowing you to display visitor information such as name and email. This lets you and the user know exactly whom they are talking to.

This Live Chat plugin allows chatting with visitors in real time, exactly at the time they are on your website. Moreover, it lets you watch your visitors’ behavior while browsing through your site. From where they are on the screen to every click, Smartsupp lets you see it. These WordPress Live Chat plugins are amazing and powerful.

Their features do more than just let you communicate with your visitors. More than that, it offers benefits designed to improve customer experience, increase user engagement, and increase your sales and more. If you are unsure which Live Chat plugins to choose for your site, you can start from these 8 amazing options.

Whether free or pro version, you will find their features easy to install, integrate and manipulate for the benefit of your website. Check them out and see for yourself how these Live Chat plugins can offer you amazing advantages that encourage your visitors to come back and visit your site again.

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