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Are you on the lookout for free WordPress advertising Plugin that will help increase your revenues? When you choose to advertise to your WordPress website, you have to remember the fact that plugins can make things even a lot easier and faster. With so many choices in store for you, you need to keep in mind as well that they are not created equal.

Listed is the 10 free WordPress Ads Plugin that enables you to display advertisements on your site that will help optimize the space.

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Ad Inserter

This is proudly presented as an ad management plugin with all its advanced advertising features. It is impressive in a sense that it supports various WordPress ads such as rotating banners, contextual native shopping ads on Amazon and Google AdSense. There are so many impressive options that can be inserted such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, advert code and PHP.


AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

A wordpress advertising plugin of your choice, AdSense Plugin WP QUADS is coded well without overhead. It’s really perfect as it is utilized on large websites with all other monthly-page impressions. The mere fact that it is utilized by almost about one-hundred thousand websites, it only means to say that it’s just the right one for you.

Its excellent features include import of ads settings from the Quick AdSense v. 1.9.2. They are as well possible to be converted into serialized options. As compared to original Quick Adsense Ads plugin, this one boasts for its impressive performance improvements and multi-language support. Its export/import function just makes it easier migrating to other websites.


AdRotate Banner Manager

This is one of the best wordpress advertising plugin choices to ever consider. This will allow you to place advertising banners in any section of your site. Good thing, you will still be able to manage everything from the dashboard. There’s no fussing with all the themes code if ever you do not want to.

In addition to that, you will be able to create specific adverts just by the use of HTML or Javascript code. You could also get a hint of the number of impressions adverts that you have. It’s also good to know that advertising is made much easier and faster through its features.


Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is impressive because it has all the excellent features that can optimize and test ads. One more thing about it is that it works with all networks and ad types. It is highly recognized for its free email support that just sets it different from the rest.

There are simply a lot of things that will impress you the most about this plugin. For instance, it can display and create unlimited ad units, rotate ads, set expiry date and schedule ads and target user groups and ads.



This will help you with your goal of managing your ads efficiently and properly. This will leave you with a lot of time writing new posts. Prior to the plugin, it adds a new “Ads” menu right through the WordPress admin. It also specifically features submenus that can tweak display settings, remove and add more ads. Other features include 1 or 2 column ad display and support via template tags that implement an unconventional design. There’s also an opportunity to show ads just as you want them, either random or manual order.


WordPress Ad Widget

One of the easiest and the best ways to place ads in your WordPress website, the WordPress Ad Widget only requires to be dragged to the sidebar. Afterwards, upload it including an ad. Then, save. The mere fact that it is extremely intuitive makes it a better option for novices/beginners. There is also no such thing as clunky interface. Apart from it, you’ll appreciate it more placing image banner ads, other ad code and Google ad tags.



This is introduced to be the easiest and most powerful wordpress and management plugin by SmartLogix that does a whole lot more than that of an ad management. Its features include adsense optimized, insert of ad below, above, to the right and to the left of page, insert of Google Analytics Code and insert of any embed codes into the footer or header of your site.


 Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

Such an impressive and superb solution, Google AdSense is designed for you to earn money by way of placing ads to WordPress posts, pages, search results, custom posts, widgets, tags and categories. You are only required to link the website to your account on Google AdSense. And right there and then, you could already manage all available ads from your admin dashboard. Prior to its free features, they include compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, addition of custom code by way of plugin settings page, detailed step-by-step videos and documentation, RTL ready and multingual.


Amazon Link

Add all those Amazon product links that you have fast and easy using Amazon Link directly to your WordPress pages and posts. With regard to the product links, they would usually come in simple text links, full-size images, thumbnail images, full-blow flash widgets and complex templates. Its key features include simple shortcode, search tool, amazon product details cache, global options, affiliate tracking IDs, built-in templates, temple facility and a whole lot more.


WP Bannerize

As per this newest version of WP Bannerize, it will enable you to import the old database. You will still use them for upgrade and test. This is amazing as a banner manager that lets you manage all stuffs related to advertising. These stuffs include shortcodes, widgets and more from your template.

Manage adobe flash movie, image, free text and Javascript/HTML easy and fast. Also, make use of drag and drop order and customize the output through the settings in the admin area. Also, set limit, random and categories filters.

Use the free WordPress Ads plugin choices above to help meet your unique needs! Try them all to believe that can make things easier and faster for your part. No worries as they have been trusted and relied on by many!

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