5+ Free WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

WooCommerce wishlist plugins are great WordPress plugins to add to your online stores if you want to increase its sales. The wishlist plugin is a useful tool that allows you to find out what your users want to buy. Thus, you can have an idea of what products to recommend to them and what products to focus on in your online store.

In using WooCommerce wishlist plugins, you create an individual page where users’ selected products appear. Using the wishlist feature of your eCommerce site, your users can easily add the products they listed on their wishlist to the cart or remove them if they want to. By simply opening their wishlist, they can directly purchase the products listed.

This serves a great way for eCommerce site owners to increase sales and user satisfaction. With a WooCommerce wishlist plugin, you can greatly increase your sales during birthdays, festivals, holidays and other special events. On that note, here are 5+ free WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin you can check out for your eCommerce site.

TI Wishlist

TI Wishlist

TI Wishlist is one of the popular wishlist plugins that allow your site users a simple way of adding the product they like to a wishlist. With this, you can encourage your user to come back and buy their wishlist. At the same time, TI Wishlist provides you with added options such as the ability to follow, share on social media, create professional emails, and fully manage shared and private wishlists, etc.

These features make TI Wishlist a dynamic, powerful marketing tool to incorporate in your eCommerce site. TI Wishlist also utilizes integrated analytics, which helps you build your sales strategy. Using TI Wishlist WordPress plugin, you can have complete control over your wishlist’s look and functionality. However, what TI Wishlist’s most important benefit is through its the ability to grow into a community.

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WooCommerce Wishlists

WooCommerce Wishlists is a wishlist plugin for WordPress that allows customers and guests on your site to create and add products they like in a wishlist. Whether you are looking for a wishlist for birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc., WooCommerce Wishlists has everything that your site needs. It offers plenty of useful and unique features besides a user having the ability to create their own Wishlists.

Users can store their Wishlists up to 30 days or until clearing their cookies. In addition, there are other features to enjoy such as unlimited wishlists stored indefinitely, full privacy control, social media sharing, complete support for product variations, grouped products and simple prices and more. WooCommerce Wishlists is a free wishlist plugin that offers you wide array of functions and features to grow your sales.

Wishlist for WooCommerce

Wishlist for WooCommerce

This WordPress wishlist plugin is elegant and simple to use for enhancing your shop by allowing your user to add a particular product in their wishlist. Using Wishlist for WooCommerce, your uses can create a private or public wishlist for items they wish to buy later. This feature makes it a particularly useful tool to keep track of the items they liked.

If you install this plugin in your site, you can take advantage of a number of features. Such features include a ready WooCommerce full support, private or public wishlist, pagination support, any post type, unlimited wishlist and more. Even better, if you update to premium you can access more features designed to improve user experience and increase your sales.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin free is one that allows your users to create and fully manage multiple wishlists. Not only can users create several wishlists, they can even split the products listed into different categories or using other parameters. This WooCommerce Wishlist plugin also allows you to add a search form on your site for easy product search.

Another amazing feature of the plugin include being able to choose some or all of products included in the user’s wishlist. They can just go to checkout page and with a simple click purchase all the items in the wishlist. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a simple, easy to use free plugin that lets eCommerce site owners offer users a much better buying experience.

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WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

The WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is free, simple and powerful WordPress tool. It can effectively help you in converting your visitors to loyal customers. It helps you by making their buying experience wonderfully easy and convenient. In situations where your customer cannot buy a product right now, a wishlist is essentially the key to keep them coming back.

By allowing them to save the products they wish to buy, you encourage them to come back and make the purchase at another time. This is what WooCommerce Wishlist can help you as a free WordPress Wishlist plugin. Simple but powerful, it lets you take advantage of amazing features such as Select Wishlist Page, automatically remove product from wishlist, add wishlist button to product page and more.

TM WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist

To use this WooCommerce add wishlist plugin, you need to install a working WooCommerce in your site. Upon installation, the TM WooCommerce Compare Wishlist allows you to match products based on their product properties. Users are able to add their desired products to the product comparison page using the “Add to Compare” button.

This WordPress plugin is great as it allows you to compare products and add a wishlist to your site. With this plugin, you can help users to add items to their wishlist with simply a few clicks. Additionally, they can display their wishlist in a widget so they can view the items easily. There are also other features, such as emptying of wishlist button as well as enabling/disabling wishlist option, which make this an ideal plugin to your site.

These are among the best free WooCommerce Wishlist plugins you can try to your website. Depending on the kind of features and functions that you want to add to your eCommerce site, WordPress has plenty of plugins it can offer you. More than these wishlist plugins, you can find others that provide amazing features both in free and premium versions.