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5+ Free Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

Being in a very competitive world of business online means you need every help you can get in terms of marketing. One of the most effective means of online marketing is email marketing. You need a Mailchimp WordPress Plugin to better build your own email list and find ways on how you can increase that on top of your current followers. There are quite a number of supposed email marketing tools but most are not as helpful as MailChimp for its useful features.  You need a service that guarantees smooth integration with WordPress and other web platforms.

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MailChimp for WordPress

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

Ease of use is always a plus in any Mailchimp WordPress plugin. Here, connecting with a MailChimp account is a breeze with MailChimp for WordPress. This is a useful addition to your subscription tools when you want to increase the methods where your readers can sign up or opt-in and enjoy the benefit of an increased subscription to your existing MailChimp list. It even allows integration with other popular Mailchimp WordPress Plugins and your website’s existing forms such as opt-out, contact, or comment form on top of the attractive mobile-optimized signup forms that come along with it. You can also avail of its premium version for additional benefits exclusive to premium users such as email notifications, comprehensive reports, and statistics, and multiple forms to name a few.

MailChimp List Subscribe Form

Developed by MailChimp, the MailChimp List Subscribe Form has been widely used when adding a sign-up form widget for 2.8 or higher versions of WordPress.  It will take you about five to ten minutes to successfully install, log in, and set up this Mailchimp WordPress Plugin following a series of steps.  There is no fuzz if you want to change your settings after upgrading its version.  All you need to do is drag the widget to the sidebar, check your previous settings, and look for the button for updating the list.  The current configured version allows for easy translation and supports various languages. However, you also have an option to create any translation not included in the supported languages by following some basic steps

Easy Forms for MailChimp

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

Who doesn’t want unlimited sign-up forms for MailChimp added to their website? Easy Forms for MailChimp gives you free rein to unlimited forms which can be added to your website in a sweeping 1 ½ minutes! Aside from the fact that you can view the user’s activity and MailChimp’s List’s statistics, you can easily manage the settings for both list and users and extend its functionality with paid and free add-ons. You can also seamlessly integrate opt-in boxes from MailChimp to other popular plug-ins’ generated forms.  This Mailchimp WordPress plugin is developer-friendly, offers add-ons to its basic functions, and uses advanced debugging for easy troubleshooting in case of errors common to the MailChimp log-in process.

Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins, and Email Opt-ins

Mailchimp WordPress Plugins

You have the ultimate marketing solution for your thriving business with this Mailchimp WordPress plugin.  You have the capacity to build an email list, lead gen, build a social network, targeted marketing, and improve conversions.  These are all possible with the display of targeted ads in the form of widgets, slides-ins, pop-ups, as well as shortcodes. Social sharing and building a social following is so easy with the help of the most popular social media network icons available in Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins, and Email Opt-ins. You can also customize your marketing design and style to make it stand out. Enjoy the 4 design settings in creating and editing animations, colors, display conditions, layouts, and drip shadows in the pop-ups, slide-ins, and email opt-ins for your business. One of the benefits you get can in this plug-in is the exit-intent feature that quickly detects visitors who are about to leave your site and effectively grab attention immediately with a slide-in or pop-up. Becoming a marketing pro is so easy with this WP tool.

MailChimp Forms by MailMunch

mailchimp wordpress plugin, mailchimp wp plugin

This Mailchimp WordPress plugin gives you access to limitless MailChimp sign-up forms into your WP sites like Pop-up with Exit, Embedded, Sidebar Widget, Top Bar, Scroll Box, and Landing Pages. You will get connected within seconds without requiring API Keys. Choose whether you will enable or disable the default welcome email of your MailChimp account. You can also customize your message of appreciation to your subscribers. Soon enough you will be able to create newsletter forms and capture countless emails on a daily basis.

Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension

This plugin allows Mailchimp WordPress integration with ease. It features single opt-in, double opt-in, and an opt-in checkbox. Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension is constantly updated supporting API Keys and mailing lists.  You can now easily add new and exciting methods for signing up for your visitors like opt-in, no opt-in, as well as double opt-in which is very uncommon to most sites.  Additional forms to pages, posts, sidebars, or other sections allow easier access the moment lead is captured and sent to MailChimp lists.

MailChimp User Sync

This Mailchimp WordPress plugin automatically increases your MailChimp list with new subscribers. Keeping track of changes in profiles or even an email address is easy. When it comes to deleted users, the synced subscriber in your MailChimp list is automatically unsubscribed, too. You only need to activate the plug-in and it will do the synchronizing for your convenience.

MailChimp Forms by Optin Cat – Grow Your MailChimp List

WordPress Mailchimp Plugin

Building your own attractive MailChimp forms is possible in two minutes with MailChimp Forms by Optin Cat – Grow Your MailChimp List’s responsive design.  This is a sure win way of maximum conversion and at the same time grow your email list fast. Your options are unlimited on the forms you can use for your sites like post boxes, sidebar widgets, and lightbox pop-ups.  Customize your design with the selection of varied colors, font sizes, and so much more and this plug-in will take care of the marketing for you and deliver optimized conversion.


Sending out your email campaigns has never been this effective, easy, and fast courtesy of the Mailchimp WordPress plugin.  Your subscription to a newsletter service like MailChimp and a powerful web platform like WordPress can take you to greater heights when you utilize these Mailchimp WordPress Plugins for optimized conversion on your site and secured email listing.

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