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5+ Free Breadcrumbs Plugin WordPress

One thing that you should know about WordPress plugin is they add features to your website and making it more user-friendly. As the admin of the website, you want to have the information and the navigation of the website in order. If your website is a ramshackle, many users do not want to visit again your website.  However, adding Breadcrumbs WordPress on your website allows you to have an effective navigation and allows the users to map where they are and how they got there.

Breadcrumbs Plugin also gives your website to be more organize so the SEO can easily display your website. If you see the benefits of Breadcrumbs for better navigation on your website, here are five free Breadcrumbs Plugin WordPress to give you more anticipation.

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Breadcrumb NavXT   

Breadcrumb NavXT serves as the descendant of the all-time popular Breadcrumb Navigation NavXT. The plug makes the innovation to have the most effective and easy to maneuver plugins, overall to make it much better. You can use the WordPress plugins is for website and blog sites that host by WordPress. The best features of Breadcrumb NavXT are the customization of the trail in the website.

The PHP requirement for the developer can be either the 5.2 or 5.1.1 version depending on how old or young the PHP version. Here are the best features of Breadcrumb NavXT that easy to manage and non-exhausted.

The entire setting, as well as the extendable features of the plugins, allows the admin easily customize the navigation. Configurable global priority is applied in this plugin and it is built-in in the widget of the WordPress. Breadcrumb NavXT is also compatible plugin extension with WPML, bbPress, Polylang, and BuddyPress. Most of all it is extendable in OOP and provides that admin filters and actions data.


Breadcrumb is developed by PICKPLUGINS.COM and has the awesome features. You may prefer using Breadcrumb because they will show you the full navigation to where you are and what pages you click on the way. No matter how long you venture in the website, with Breadcrumb you can easily tell where you are and why you are there. You just need the shortcodes to have a good flow in navigating the website.

There are two version of Breadcrumb the Live Demo and Buy Premium. The premium gives you more features than the Live Demo but you can manage even you only by the use of live demo. Here are some of the features to expect when you use Breadcrumb.

There is no need to use long codes to have the effective navigation of your website. The custom separator text that is located in the Breadcrumb front makes it easy for you to manage your website in coding. Breadcrumb displays on any page of the website so the navigation is possible. You can also add your own transition and it offers the full-time support if there is a concept or information you need to address.

Yoast SEO   

The Yoast SEO made to improve your SEO and make the website appear more often in the search engines.  The plugin will take care of the entire technical aspect of your website and optimize it as much as possible. The use of the plugin will manage your content and will help you to have the content effective for the SEO. It focuses on the key works of the content and makes it visible in any search engines.

The snippet review of Yoast SEO allows you to see your page or post will look like in the search engines. You can check if your content looks good and clickable by the user with Yoast SEO your website can increase its ranking as well as give your website more traffic.

Breadcrumb Trail   

As the most advanced, Breadcrumb in WordPress, Breadcrumb Trail is a system that handles the website for accurate navigation. The plugin detects the entire action made by the user on the website and displays it for navigation. Every Breadcrumb plugin has the same specification but Breadcrumb Trail build a unique set of navigation bar for every action made.

Breadcrumb Trail plugin detect automatically every permalink structure in the site for accurate Breadcrumb or navigation. The developer can also overwrite the output if they intended to make changes or configure the website. The OOP or the object-oriented programming of the plugin allows you to have extensions for better navigation.  With the plugin, you can customize and handle every post type on the website.

Prime Strategy Bread Crumb   

Prime Strategy Bread Crumb is an effective tool to display navigation. The developer or coder can easily use many parameters, display styles, and easily organize breadcrumbs navigation. In addition, you can make the navigation more organize and appealing in the output.

The user can enjoy the effectivity of the plugin because it is easy to use and apply on the website. Prime Strategy Bread Crumb gain positive reviews in the short period, it is one of the most recommended using in the industry.

WooCommerce Breadcrumbs   

This plugin allows you to create, restyle, and if you do not need the plugin, you can remove it easily. Just changing the HTML, you will have the capability to provide the better style of the breadcrumbs navigation. WooCommerce Breadcrumbs makes your setting more organize and easy to manage. If you want to disable the WooCommerce Breadcrumbs, you just click the disabled button at the setting.

If you want to have extra options in the setting, you need to add the WooThemes Theme. The theme disables the Breadcrumbs plugin and gives way to WooFramework Breadcrumbs. That is just another option if you are not satisfied with the present plugin.

These are the Free Breadcrumbs Plugin WordPress you can see that it is useful. It is an effective tool to manage the website and make the navigation easier. It is important to have a website that will not confuse the user so they can bring more traffic to the website. The user wants to map where they are on the website and why they are on the page so it is best to have a proper navigation.


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