20+ Best Sources of Icon Fonts

A saying is popular in the web design industry — “An image can express millions of words”. If you want to see the real-life of example of the proverb, look through the today websites. I bet, you will find them full of enchanting and alluring icon packs. The graphical and meaning-bearing iconic images will try to navigate you to perform the various activities. Do you why those icons are there on the websites?

I noticed. A 100-word paragraph can’t express things precisely but tiny icons can. This the reason web designers use lightweight and fast loading icons to indicate canceling a transaction, checking out the chart, representing brands, download, product view, and more. There are hundreds of icon sources on the web that you can include in your web projects. For your convenience, I have listed down about 30+ sources. Download your desired pack and incorporate them into your project.

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Font Awesome

Font Awesome is easy to use and lightweight vector icon. You can customize the font size, color, drop shadow anything using CSS styling properties. Current Font Awesome has collection 634 fonts to make your pictographic successful. The icons are desktop-friendly and retina-ready, available for commercial usage.


IcoMoon is the pixel-perfect icon pack that comes with 4000+ vector icons with a crispy icon font generator. The icon fonts are excellent, available in SVG, font, and more formats. If you want to go for the premium version, it has an opportunity of cloud syncing, link base usage powered by Amazon web service, and more.

03. Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms is another powerful tool that can create sharp web icons. The icon can stay unchanged from small mobile devices and large monitor screens. OpenType file, Photoshop mockup, Keynote presentation and @font-face code.

04. Typicons

Typicons are sleek free vector icons that you can embed in a Webfont for building a fabulous user interface. The fonts are available in Github that you can include in SVG format and manipulate styling using CSS.

05. Foundation Icon Fonts 2!

If you are an ardent user of the Foundation CSS framework by ZERB, you can include Foundation Icon Fonts 2 with ease. The web font pack has glyphs designed to create a standalone iconic interface.

06. Icons8

This source has 27k+ icons developed targeting various niches including business, city, clothing, food, holidays and more. The icons look amazing throughout the iOS, Windows, and Android, you customize it style, coloring and embed into HTML5 codes.

07. Freepik

FreePik comes with plenty of uniquely crafted icon sets that are available for personal and commercial usage. The web font icons are useful for mockups, sketching, web pages because you can download.AI, .EPS and .SVG files.

08. Iconfinder

Free Icons finder is an excellent place to download more 100k+ icon fonts from a single platform. The fonts are available in the popular formats and you can download them for free.

09. Iconic

If you are looking for iconic fonts for app designing, mockups, and UI are sketching, Iconic is a fantastic place that leads you to quick head start. The font icons are highly flexible and available in PNG, SVG, SWC, OTF/TTF/EOT format.

10. TheNounProject

TheNounProject is visually aesthetic source of thousand of icon fonts. The font icons are clean, fantastic and beautiful, available for free download. If you want royalty free version of this icons, you have to pay minimum $1.9.

11. Sosa

Sosa brings more 160+ icon fonts for your consideration. The are useful, available in .ttf, .eof, .svg. and .woof file format. If you include these fonts on web pages, you can add them using @font-face.

12. Socialico

Socialico is vibrant and lucrative icon fonts pack, has been created exclusively for social media channels. The fonts are high quality, has strong base to design for web, t-shirt, logo and more.

13. Raphael Icons Set

Raphael icons set is the creation of Dmitry Baranovskiy, which is deliberately converted to webfont. The font family font has been released under MIT license, supports all modern browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera, and Safari.

14. MFG Labs

MFG Labs is a colorful, excellent open source project for icon font. The fonts are quickly embeddable on any website if you know how to use webfont and CSS.

15. Tonicons

Tonicon is royalty free font icon set, comes with 2K+ icon bundle for web designers and developers. To simplify development, the font pack is shipped with the various formats like .EPS 8, .Sketch, and webfont.

16. Themify Icons

Themeify icons is a complete set of icons, created being inspired by Apple iOS 7. The 100% free icon font is consist of 320+ pixel perfect and handpicked creation. You can include this pack with web design and web applications.

17. Linea

Linea is another source of outline icons font, available under CCBY license. The website has more 730+ icons for the website and web app designers. If you are looking for category wise icons like music, eCommerce, software, arrow, weather, and basic elaboration, you are on the right place. Linea has already categorized it for you.

18. Icon Font Pack

Pixden brought 202 vector icon pack inspired by iOS7. The fonts are available in @font-face that you can easily be embed on website using CSS. The icons are retina ready. You can download them manually changing font size.

19. Elegant Icon Font

If you’re looking for multi-size of font variant under GPL 2.0 or MIT License, you are on the exact page to get your solution. The fonts are retina ready, high quality and available for Unicode, will not compromise the font quality while expanding and contracting the font size. The font is brought by the ElegentTheme WordPress template provider. You can use this font for your web development project.

20. Metrize Icons

Metrize Icons comes with 300+ icons for web designers and developers. The free fonts are available for the commercial and personal project. The fonts are equipped with PSD, SVG, EPS, AL, pDF, and web fonts come with backward browser compatibility to make your pictograph successful.

21. OpenWeb Icons

If you want such font sets that can adapt and scale according to screen size and browsers version, OpernWeb fonts come with all the possibilities packed. The font is color and open source, doesn’t include any javascript. So, you can stay relax because the fonts loads extremely fast.

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