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7+ Elements Of An Effective Career / Job Board Site 1

Recruiting appropriate person for an outstanding post is always challenging. I found various renowned companies for such issue.

The same happens for the talented employees. They found it difficult to get deserved position in the right company.

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To remove such gap between the talented individuals and talent seekers various job/career sites come in action. They arrange multiple tools to allow job seekers to place job application with ease.

On the other hand, modern career websites prioritize the interest of employers a lot. It provides all cutting-edge tool to save employers time. Consequently, With the help of job board site, a recruiting team can quickly curate job applications and shortlist them according to their education, experience, age, location and more.

As job site helps companies to get perfect employee charging money. Many of entrepreneurs are coming forward to providing the same service. Consequently, They hire developers to create them websites like seek.com and indeed.com. But replicating popular website is simple, but make it successful is hard.

Elements of Effective Job Board Website

Your job website can’t allure job seekers or employers? Review your site feature right away. Make sure job site includes the following features. If you’re here to read key features of career site to create custom job board website, I’ve great plugin called Job Board Manager to suggest you. It can cut your half site development cost down and built you high converting job board website without charging you anything.

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Well-Research Design & UX

Designing website is simple, but providing them a sophisticated experience elusive. It requires series of researches over the interest of targeted users. If you want success, you have to finance a lot on designing better designs and UX.

Expert says design and UX can bring or kick away the success of job board websites. So, if you can create a great user experience, I bet you’ll get on the mark of your desired milestone in no time.

A well researched UX enabled career website, can communicate with its users. It navigates visitors to their desired pages and serves their motto immediately. So, you don’t need to worry about bounce rate and exit rate extensively.

Powerful Advanced Search

Searchingbar is the must the have feature of job board websites. It allows job seekers to find the best-suited career options. On the other hand, employers find best employees from here. If you head to the popular job searching website, you will notice a full-width or eye-catching search box over there in the homepage.

Do you know why is the search bar there?

The motto of career website to search out jobs and job provider. The more quickly and accurately it can find requested things, the more it can keep it users engaged. The ideal search engines are helpful; it can retrieve jobs and job seekers according to their location, qualification, and industry wise.

Employer and Applicants Admin

The admin panel is the crucial part of a job board website. Famous websites provide a comprehensive admin panel both for who find employment seekers and offerees. From the admin, panel employers can post jobs and subsequently they can track on the total submissions of the job applications. Moreover, the admin panel helps them to curate job finders and create shortlist according to applicants’ age, education, experience, and location.

So, when someone place application for a job posting. He expects a tool to create a professional resume and submit them accordingly. On top of that, you need to get alerted when employers call for an interview and further steps.

Job / Resume Listings

When I first decided to find a Job. I look in various job site in the web development category. It helps me to get updates of new job posting according to my interest. Moreover, it brought me such a posting which helped me to get hired with a handsome monthly salary. So, when you design custom job board theme or career purchase website template, I recommend you to ensure the availability job listing section.

It attracts newcomers and professionals to find their perfect niche. So, you can enable job listing, make sure it includes ascending and descending listing according to date, brand value, and others essential points that need to be highlighted.

Frontend Resume and Job Submission

The job market is competitive. Job publishers are in a hurry in posting jobs. On the other hand, career seekers try to be first in dropping resume for their desired job. Applicants think the more they can be ahead in the submission of job applications, the more they get a chance to call for an interview.

To comprehend both the cutting-edge job searching site enables frontend job and resume submission. The feature save times a lot. It allows recruiters to publish job openings without heading to site backend. Similarly, applicants can post their desired job applications without logging into their personal admin panel.

Search Engine Optimized

Every job board website must be SEO optimized. As jobs are available for a particular period, it needs to deliver to the interest people timely. It isn’t essential that your website should have a huge subscriber, but you must ensure it gets ranked on search engine result page (SERP) quickly.

So, whenever job seekers drop their interest in the search engines, it can bring your site to the first place. Search engine friendly job site can perfectly create a connection between job publisher and seeker. When your website serves them according to their need, it won’t take for your site to get popular among the community.

Mobile Device Friendly

As mobile users are growing exponentially, a statistics shows more than 75% job seekers use mobile phones to visit job sites. If you’re job site won’t be responsive or can’t get tailor with modern mobile devices, you’ll lose more than half of your site visitors. Consequently, you website will not be visible to search bots and you can get search expect traffic.

Client Testimonials

If you want to attract big brand and expertized people on your website, you have to boost your site trust. Now the question what increases the credibility of job sites, right? In a single word. I’ll say it’s testimonials and case studies.

So, make sure your website a specialized section to present clients positive endorsement.


I found many of job site webmaster don’t know to build websites that everyone loves. So, I’ve enlisted some key feature of successful career site. So, feel free to inform me if you I missed on essential feature to include here.

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