How to Create Blog Site Using WordPress for Free

You see people love writing/posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various type of online social media. people love to share daily experiences, stories, events, feeling, moments on social networks profiles with their friends. others people react by liking, sharing, and posting comments on their friend’s posts. Different people write online in a different way, some people writing personal matters, some with business & commercial purposes. no matter what things you want to write online, you are welcome to share your experience with the world of hungry readers. In this post, I will try to cover how to Create Blog Site using WordPress in detail. first thing I will give you some options and you will need to follow up the way you love to go.

Before owning, a blog site keep these in mind

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  1. Does it cost to create a blog online?
  2. How much cost for creating a blog?
  3. How long have to pay for it?
  4. How to choose a blog name & domain name.
  5. Why should I go with WordPress to create a blog site?
  6. How to choose the design/style of my blog site?
  7. Does it allow me to extend my need in the future?

So many questions? Right!! yes, most people do something wrong at the very beginning, these all question seems to very basic part to continue a blog site on their own. Let me explain a little more about these points I mentioned above, I hope after reading this post you will get a path to build your own blog site. in this post, I am not covering other blogging platforms like Tumblr,  Blogger, Posterous, Joomla (Self-Hosted), Drupal (Self-Hosted), LiveJournal, if you are interested you can take the search for a while.

Does it cost to Create Blog Site online?

If you are looking for Free, then the answer is “Yes” you can create a blog site totally free. some platforms offer free hosting with sub-domain(, you can’t register top-level domains in free hosting(platform hosted). for example, offers to create a website free using WordPress CMS hosted on their server.

Create Blog Site Using WordPress

Like WordPress Blogger, Tumblr also offers free create websites on their platform.

For Pro/VIP user WordPress also offer paid to create a website at their server,

Besides various platforms (ex: you can choose your hosting domain from different companies, you will need to install CMS on your hosting account and set up your own. some hosting providers offer free CMS installation services or integrated software for quick installation. you better contact them if you can’t do it yourself if they have any offer like that. feel free about that because most of the smart hosting providers offer special packages for WordPress hosting.

How much cost to Create Blog Site?

If you are convinced to go with paid or self-hosted the answer is “It depends“, if you don’t have any ideas about your website traffic I would recommend going with small packages(Shared Hosting), any time you can upgrade your packages by contacting with hosting provider. for example, to run a new blog 1-2GB(Shared Hosting) space and up to 10GB bandwidth is enough.

Most Shared Hosting prices start from $(1-5)/month, for example here is the hosting plan for for WordPress

Here is the useful video tutorial for Signing Up for Web Hosting

How long have to pay for?

Most of the new blog owners get confused about payment for running self-hosted blogs, if are planning to run free at a WordPress-powered server with a sub-domain you won’t have to pay anymore. But if are planning to create a website/blog with your hosted server you will have to for yearly domain registration and hosting charges according to your hosting packages. most of the hosting companies charge yearly, you can also pay quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. just feel free to discuss this with your hosting company.

How to choose a blog name & domain name?

This is pretty complicated, most of the top-level domain names you will find already registered will give more confusion about what name or domain name should give for your brand new blog. think twice!! just think about your topics and find the alternate phrase/words/synonym that you love to use for your blog name.

you can take a search for domain using domain name finder online like

Here is the video tutorial for Registering a Domain

Why should I go with WordPress for Create Blog Site?

If you didn’t know about WordPress, what current web CMS trends just keep in mind, WordPress is dominating the current CMS trend at the top. you won’t believe that according to data currently 40% of websites are powered by WordPress which is built with a different Content management system. hopefully, it’s increasing.

Create Blog Site Using WordPress

Read some interesting thoughts about WordPress here

How to choose the design/style of my blog site?

The design of your blog/website is the most precious thing to its readers/visitors, visitors never want to see the ugly design and discursive web interface. keep your website design in current trends and make it useful for visitors. hopefully, WordPress provides a bunch of awesome theme directories free of cost, those themes are created by its contributors and you can use them free.

take a little time to search that match your blog topics, otherwise, you can hire a designer and developer o create your own themes. there are lots of designers & developers around the world just doing an awesome job with WordPress.

Does it allow me to extend my need in the future?

The answer is “Yes“, WordPress is awesome enough to extend as your need to customize your future ideas. you will find lots of free plugins/extensions available at plugin directory,

Some of the plugins save lots of time if you find exactly what you need. otherwise, you will have to hire a developer to customize plugins.

How to install WordPress on self-hosted?

# WordPress Dashboard

At the End

Hope your journey with WordPress will be awesome and you will love that.

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