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10 Reasons to Convert Website to WordPress CMS

I was an ardent user and developer of Joomla. I would hate WordPress in a sense. Do you know why? Because I blindly like Joomla because of many reasons. If you look back 2006 or 2007, Joomla was the only CMS that provides essential functionalities. As time passes, WordPress has evolved a lot, but comparatively Joomla couldn’t. Consequently, the feature rich Joomla CMS platform lost the competition battle and my constant favor simultaneously.

In the meantime, I moved websites when I look throughout the whole WordPress mechanism carefully. It left me impressed. If you’re curious to hear why I did migrate my websites to WordPress, you have to read the following sections. I bet, after reading my point, you will decide to convert website to WordPress. Let’s dig in.

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Free WordPress Themes

When anyone wants to develop his client website or try to ensure personal web presence, It’s natural he must look for free website template first. Free WordPress themes help developers to understand WordPress coding standard and best practices. On the other hand, when it comes to migrating website to WordPress, site owners check the possibility of downloading free themes. It helps them to understand the backend interface and frontend features so that they can operate site content proficiently. So, realizing the aspects of WordPress users and developers, WordPress had initiated a directory for free themes so that developer can test their WordPress coding standards and users can understand overall CMS functionality easily.

Free WordPress Plugins

I prefer WordPress as a website building tool because its plugin directory pregnant with thousand of useful plugins. You might be thinking why you need plugins, right? A default CMS comes with limited, but basic features. It’s because every website serves different needs. So, it isn’t possible to box all the features to cover all the future needs. To extend the CMS functionality it requires extensions or plugins so that it can tailor with a wide variety of website purposes. All knows WordPress is itself a blogging platform, but it can be extended for making job site using Job Board Manager plugin. It doesn’t end here, installing plugins you can turn your WordPress into online eshop, classified website, business portfolio website and so on.

Secured and SEO Optimized

Every website developer and site owner prioritizes site security while selecting website CMS. No one wants to lose their valuable information and spend extra time undoing hacked site again. It’s painful and endangers site professionalism. I found when a business website is hacked, customers feel insecure and don’t trust hacked site. To keep you away from such a threat, WordPress has been raised up tightly, and WordPress Codex encourages webmasters to take numerous security measures. SEO is another remarkable feature of WordPress CMS. Content posted on WordPress get ranked quickly comparing others. It comes with all SEO on page factors included at core.

Easy to Manage and Customize

As I have been the industry for half of the decades, tested many of CMS for development and learning purposes. On thing I find in WordPress fantastic – it’s easier to customize than other existing CMS options. This feature induces me a lot to convert my website to WordPress. Don’t believe? Head to the WordPress customizer, it allows you to change your site look on the fly. It means you don’t need to switch to the site frontend to have a look at the changes you make on the backend. Moreover, you can customize the site looking installing new plugins and themes.

Lightweight and fast loading

The codebase of WordPress CMS is efficiently coded with highly optimized architecture, doesn’t load unnecessary elements that can make website bulky. A lightweight CMS loads quickly and keep your site away from the high bounce and exit rate. On the other hand, WordPress supports caching. Installing caching and CDN plugin you can prevent your website send unnecessary requests to the server and keep your site super fast.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Improving mobile friendliness or providing responsive support is elusive in various website CMS. Because it requires many of processes to do the job perfectly. The method includes CMS version updating, backward compatibility, device compatibility, and more. But when you move to WordPress, you can perform your required changes or repair themes quickly. You don’t need to think about providing support for 3rd party plugin dependencies and modifications coding standard. Just download the theme and make your desired change. When you’re done, upload the theme back to the WordPress.

Active Developer and User Community

An active developer and strong user community are considered the key element to making a CMS popular. Thankfully, Comparing other existing CMS, WordPress processes the biggest developer community. They are regularly releasing and consuming free WordPress themes and free WordPress plugins. If you’re convinced enough to migrate your website to WordPress, you can head over WP theme and plugin directory. I bet, you will find hundreds of new uploads regularly.

User Friendly Sleek Backend

User experience is the essential part of online applications. It can make or break your overall site popularity at once. If you look into your Joomla backend, you’ll get confused. On the other hand, you are accustomed to WordPress backend architecture at the first glance. Even a newbie users can handle wp site functionality without any prior experience.

Release Latest Updates

When it comes to technology, it changes every day. The more quickly a CMS application can adopt a new trend; the more rapidly can grow clientbase. As WordPress has an active contributor community, it can quickly release updates for preventing security flaws, adapting cutting-edge fashion and more.

Enriched Documentation

Documentation is crucial if you want to start your website immediately. The doc includes all technical indications to configure your CMS perfectly. If you want to ensure whether WordPress is documentation packed or not, head to the Codex, it’s pregnant with all your question answer that you need to ask while launching your website.

Bottom Line

Converting a website into WordPress is simple, won’t left you confused. It has all essential components ready that you may need in future. What are you waiting for? Go and join the WordPress community.

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