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6 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Web content is considered the valuable assets of an online business. It takes countless hours to put together all the essential site contents. But what if the entire precious contents get lost all of a sudden. I bet, if you fail in such a situation either you will fall in a fix or will get […]

5+ Best WordPress Accordion Plugins

When entrepreneurs start a business website in a small size, with the passage of time the small site becomes extremely hefty. In some of the cases, I find, either they try to facelift their website to accommodate the growing contents efficiently or buy new website theme. This is not an efficient and effective solution. There […]

5 WordPress Social Media Plugins 1

5 WordPress Social Media Plugins

Strong Social media presence represents your social acceptance of your business. It means the more you can keep your social media channels alive, the more you can enjoy a box of opportunities that can bring your business success seamlessly. When you can ensure a strong and coherent social media presence, the first benefits you will […]

5 Best Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

Website pricing table is considered the most valuable part of a website. If the section can convince visitors accordingly, you will have your bucket of lofty expectation will be overwhelmed with infinite conversions. When it fails, everything will start going south. A good, beautiful and precise pricing table is considered the endpoint of a successful […]

5 Best WooCommerce Product Slider Plugins 2

5 Best WooCommerce Product Slider Plugins

Do you ever realize why big super shops keep their store well-decorated with their store products? If not, let me take the opportunity to inform you first. Such an enticing product showcase boost product enviousness among the targeted customers who visit stores either having a buying intention or an intention of future purchase. This kind […]

10 Landing Page WordPress Plugins To Create Responsive Landing Page Without Coding

Don’t know you can create a full-fledged and powerful landing page in WordPress without coding? Sounds crazy, right? In 2016, WordPress has been 100 times more powerful CMS since it started its journey. If you head to the WordPress plugin directory, you will find tons of plugins that allow you to create a high-converting landing […]

10 Best Advertising Plugins for WordPress

The online advertising industry is one the rise. To earn maximum return from the WordPress blogging, business and corporate platforms, website owners are found to look for the best WordPress advertising plugin to display glamorous text, images, and videos, which constantly try to catch visitors attention and allure them to land their clicks on and […]

8Best Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins 3

8Best Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins

Suppose someone calls you inviting for dinner in your favorite dishes, it’s your brain spontaneously creating heaps of images sketching delicious, spicy, crispy dishes plating on the table and you are devouring them with an ultimate fun, right? If you find no similarities in food presentation as should be and get frustrated after testing them, […]


7+ Best Poll/Survey/Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Have you ever noticed many of business and corporate websites ask to answer their service specific questions? I bet, you faced numerous time as pop-ups, flyers, and opt-ins entice you to answer simple questions and reward you something awesome. Have you ever think why they run such survey campaigns? It’s because collect to relevant data […]

20 Mind Blowing Free WordPress Blog Themes 4

20 Mind Blowing Free WordPress Blog Themes

Looking for free WordPress blog themes to select the best match to kick-start your blogging career right way? Before to flip you through the free blog themes, I would like to welcome you to the community and introduce myself first. I’ve been writing since 2012 and I found my first blog WordPress theme reading such […]

Best Plugins for Creating Booking Site For WordPress 5

Best Plugins for Creating Booking Site For WordPress

WordPress is used for almost every type of website, be it a health website, an ecommerce platform, an informative blog or a technical site. Nearly 24% of websites are created using WordPress as their main platform and the number is still growing. Where every niche of website is being creating using WordPress, booking site is […]