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Breadcrumb is a lightweight plugin for WordPress that enables you to display breadcrumb navigation on your website. It’s highly customizable and works seamlessly on all WordPress pages including archive, category, tags, custom taxonomies, custom post types, default posts, date, year, month, author, and search pages.

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List Of Features

  • Breadcrumb builder for posttypes
  • Breadcrumb front text
  • Breadcrumb separator text
  • Display or hide last separator
  • Breadcrumb link text limit
  • Ending character
  • Display “Home” on breadcrumb
  • Extra 10 ready themes Pro!
  • Category ancestors breadcrumb element Pro!
  • Post Term breadcrumb element Pro!
  • Breadcrumb on WooCommerce pages
  • Hide default WooCommerce breadcrumb
  • Ready 5 breadcrumb themes
  • Custom CSS and JS
  • Hide on specific post types/archive pages Pro!
  • Hide by page ids Pro!
  • Breadcrumb builder for archive pages Pro!
  • Term parent breadcrumb element Pro!
  • Term ancestors breadcrumb element Pro!
  • Custom home text
  • Breadcrumb text font size
  • Breadcrumb link background color
  • Breadcrumb link color
  • Breadcrumb separator color


Display Anywhere

Display breadcrumb on the home page, any post type, page, parent pages, author page, archive page, tag page, category page,page, custom taxonomy page, search page, WooCommerce shop, and product pages.

Dynamic Breadcrumb Builder

Our breadcrumb builder allows you to easily create and customize the breadcrumb structure for your website. It typically offers a visual interface where you can drag and drop elements to customize positions and personalize the element settings.

Ready Themes

We have added 15 themes that you can use to make your breadcrumb stand out from others. You can customize the theme color, font size, margin, padding, and separator style to suit your needs.

Custom Style

Apart from the built-in styles options like font size, background color, margin, and padding, we also have the option to write custom CSS or JS to fine-tune the look and feel of the breadcrumbs.

Text Limit by Word/Character

Sometimes long breadcrumbs with too much text can be overwhelming for users. To make breadcrumbs easier to read, we have options to set word and character limits which ensure they are concise and to the point.

WPML Support

Our plugin is fully translation-ready and additionally, we offer complete WPML compatibility, seamlessly integrating with the WPML plugin for a smooth and powerful multilingual experience on your WordPress website.

Available Breadcrumb Elements

Our breadcrumb plugin provides dynamic and static elements to create your perfect breadcrumb. All available elements are listed below and can be used on posts, pages, archive pages, product pages, and other pages.

Front Text

Our front-text element allows you to display a custom front text on your breadcrumb.


You can display a custom home text with prefix and set a custom URL as well.

Post Title

Display dynamic post title on your breadcrumb with a custom prefix.

Post Author

Display the dynamic author name on your breadcrumb with the ability to set a custom prefix.

Post Date

Display publish date with custom prefix on your breadcrumb for posts and products dynamically.

Post Month

Display the interactive published month name for the current post or product.

Post Year

Display the interactive published year for the current post or product.

Post ID

Display the current post ID with a custom prefix text.

Post Category

Display the current post’s category name in your breadcrumb with a custom prefix.

Post Tag

Display the available tags for the current post in your breadcrumb with a custom prefix.

Custom Text

Display a custom static text with a custom URL on your breadcrumb.

Category Ancestors

Display the category ancestor that is higher up in the hierachical structure of your website’s categories.

Post Term

Display relevant terms related to a post by passing a custom taxonomy.

Post Ancestors

Our ‘post ancestors’ element refers to any page higher up in the hierarchical structure of your website’s pages, similar to “category ancestor” but for pages instead of categories.


Display the dynamic WooCommerce shop URL with a custom prefix text.

Product Category

Display the current product category name in your breadcrumb with a custom prefix.

Product Tag

Display the available tags for the current product in your breadcrumb with a custom prefix.

Term Ancestors

Display the term title that refers to the displayed name of a term associated with a post or page.

Term Parent

Display the term parent name that refers to the parent term within a hierarchical taxonomy structure.

Search Word

This breadcrumb element displays the keyword or phrase the user entered in the search bar.

Shop Title

On your breadcrumb display the title of your WooCommerce shop page.

404 Text

Display a custom 404 text on your breadcrumb that indicates a page that doesn’t exist.

Hide Breadcrumb

We provide options to manually hide the breadcrumb for any available post type, archive pages, or directly by providing the page IDs.

  • Front page
  • Home
  • Blog
  • Author
  • Year
  • Month
  • Search
  • Shop(WooCommerce)
  • Tags
  • Date
  • Categories

Available Shortcodes


To display the breadcrumb, you can use this shortcode under the post content.

<?php echo do_shortcode(“[breadcrumb]”); ?>

PHP Code, you can use under theme .php files.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a useful navigational tool that appears at the top of a webpage and displays the user’s current location within your website’s hierarchy. They function like a path of links, guiding users back to the homepage and then through relevant categories or taxonomies to the current page. They provide users with an easy way to understand where they are on your website and how they can navigate to other pages.

What type of breadcrumbs does your plugin offer?

Most plugins offer breadcrumbs based on categories, but our plugin goes further by supporting custom taxonomies, post types, and dynamic breadcrumbs that adjust based on user behavior. We also provide dynamic breadcrumb elements for WooCommerce that you can utilize.

Does your plugin support multiple languages?

Our breadcrumb plugin is translation-ready and we even offer WPML compatibility, allowing you to translate breadcrumbs into different languages for a multilingual website.