5+ Best WordPress Accordion Plugins

When entrepreneurs start a business website in a small size, with the passage of time the small site becomes extremely hefty. In some of the cases, I find, either they try to facelift their website to accommodate the growing contents efficiently or buy new website theme. This is not an efficient and effective solution. There are a lot of ways which let you make your website spacious. Curious to learn about the solution, right? That is not rocket science; you have to install WordPress accordion plugin in your corporate website that can help to place tons of contents taking a minimal space. An efficiently crafted accordion plugin for WordPress is really surprising and fruitful. It can save site customizing cost. On the other hand, website accordions can accommodate your entire essential contents making your site engaging and eye-catching so that it can easily attract even hasty site visitors quickly.

If you are concerned about the plugin’s code conflict and perfect adaptation with your existing responsive WordPress template, I would like to assure you there a lot of free accordion WordPress plugins available on the market that can easily be tailored with any WordPress websites. If you’re expecting to get some suggestion regarding best accordion WordPress plugin, you are in the right place. Today, I am going to make a well-curated list of responsive accordion WordPress plugins for your consideration. I hope, you will find them helpful.

Find your best suited WordPress accordion plugin

To comes with new article ideas, we always need your help. Having read this article, inform us which WordPress accordion plugin makes the direct cut in your turn and add the stand out reasons precisely.


The Accordion is the superb and mind blowing creations by PickPlugins, built with HTML and beautiful CSS3 animation. The plugin is responsive can be tailored to end users’ devices like iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Blackberry phone, Tablet, Desktop, Notebook, Laptop, and more. The Accordion plugin is top rated and gained praising users reviews. The notable part of this plugin has been installed and running more 10k+ WordPress website successfully. Do you know why 10k+ WordPress website owners find this plugin helpful? It’s because you can customize font color, background color, and overall look of the accordion frontend easily. On top of that, you get a privilege to add various accordion sets in a the same WordPress website without any hassle.

If you want to have more features like default active accordion item, nested and multilevel accordion, active on mouse hover, highly CSS customization, lazy loading and a lot more, you have to go for the premium version. I bet, you will extremely be satisfied.

5+ Best WordPress Accordion Plugins 1

Accordion Shortcodes

If you afraid of coding and looking for an easy way to add countless accordions in your WordPress website. Accordion Shortcodes will be an incredible solution. The dedicated accordion WordPress plugin is bottled with a powerful Shortcode builder and supports multiple accordions which allow you to enable individuals setting on a single page. The plugin is robust doesn’t load any default CSS, but JavaScript to add on pages to load shortcodes. Accordion Shortcodes is startling, can keep not only first accordion item open but also entire items by default. The plugin simple and minimal have all essential features in this single plugin because the plugin doesn’t have any premium version available.

Olevmedia Shortcodes

Olevmedia Shortcodes is an awesome plugin that you can be select for a wide variety of usage. Besides allowing you to add fantastic accordions in the WordPress website, the plugin is shipped with numerous site components to make your website more trendy and successful. The components include tabs, buttons, column, counter, divider, lists, logos, maps, recent post, tables pricing table, video and more. To add those site features with ease, you don’t need to write a single line of code, but you have to add shortcodes which are easily accessible from a handy button in the WordPress visual editor. The powerful and amazing fact of this plugin, all the components are responsive, and SEO friendly can easily be fit in any viewing devices.

5+ Best WordPress Accordion Plugins 2

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

The is another special and amazing WordPress plugin to add unlimited accordions and tabs with shortcodes. The powerful plugin is capable of adding horizontal and vertical tabs and accordion anywhere in WordPress post and pages using shortcodes. Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes is shipped with eye-soothing interactive and content separator. This the highly customizable and stylish, you can change look and orientation of this plugin manipulating the shortcodes attributes. The plugin is lightweight keeps your site fat free and fast loading. The plugin can be installed in any of WordPress themes and doesn’t create any code conflict with the existing your site plugins.

5+ Best WordPress Accordion Plugins 3

Responsive Accordion And Collapse

This colorful WordPress accordion plugin has been built with Bootstrap popular frontend framework. The plugin is actually developed with a drag and drop builder which allows you to sort you accordion items from the site backend on the fly. Moreover, the accordion plugin is shipped with a shortcode builder. With the help of the nice builder, you can set unlimited accordions in anywhere in the WordPress website. If you need any sort of customization in the appearance of this plugin frontend, you can do that anytime. Do you know why? Because Responsive Accordion And Collapse is equipped with unlimited colours option, input fields to place accordion title, and contents, less files for CSS, font awesome icon picker, and more.

5+ Best WordPress Accordion Plugins 4


Accordion-Wp is another option you can select for your WordPress website. The plugin is purely built with HTML, CSS3, and highly aesthetic user interface as well as experience. The plugin is cross browser compatible can be unchanged in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and More. The plugin comes with five different themes to allow you to pick quickly from matching your branding color scheme. The plugin is high converting and customizable, let you change the background color, font size, and color, accordion header, and content from the side backend.

Bottom Line

We tried to incorporate more plugins so that you get more choice to find the best plugins for your website. But we lessened the number in 6 because most of them never updated for years and don’t positive reviews. If you think, you find this article helpful, don’t forget to leave us a comment adding your thoughts.