5 Best Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

Website pricing table is considered the most valuable part of a website. If the section can convince visitors accordingly, you will have your bucket of lofty expectation will be overwhelmed with infinite conversions. When it fails, everything will start going south. A good, beautiful and precise pricing table is considered the endpoint of a successful funnel. If you have such a funnel developed to generate automated revenue and conversion, I will recommend you to add stunning pricing table in your website from where site visitors can understand the pricing comparison of your product and services easily.

But developing a best WordPress pricing table plugin can cost you time and money simultaneously. We are really thankful to the WordPress plugin directory that has an abundant collection of a variety of responsive pricing table. Unfortunately, It will be difficult for you and time consuming to find the best-fitted pricing listing plugin for your website. Because there are a couple of standpoints you have to consider before choosing a plugin like:

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  • Infinite Customizability: When you manage or run a business website, you frequently need to change your site visual interface and some of the features of your website to keep your website trendy and cutting-edge. When your free & readymade pricing table WordPress plugin comes with fixed features, it becomes outdated after a couple of months.
  • Precise Data fields for frontend display: Visitors don’t like too many details because it makes them confused. When you add superfluous product or service information to satisfy mandatory fields that will be visible to the site frontend on pricing table, it will make your conversion cold.
  • Lack of design and animation variety: Making pricing interactive and catchy is challenging for such plugin. Do you know why? Because every website follows own style for design and animation interactiveness. If your preferred plugin can’t provide the abundant layout and animation variations, you can tailor your website your desired plugin.

If you are not in willingness to check the all the above-intended aspects in each plugin, you’ll find my this article helpful. Todays, I’ll show you which plugin process the remarkable & useful features that can help you to manage your site pricing with ease.

Price Table

Price Table is equipped with tons of pricing table creating functionalities which help you to create any type of pricing tables anywhere in your WordPress website. The plugin can be easily be installed and used, comes with a powerful admin panel, let you create, delete, and update rows as well as columns instantly with drag and drop interface. If you prefer using pricing tables in WordPress posts and pages, it has shortcodes functionality enabled.
The plugin is powerful can be adaptable with any of WordPress theme because it allows defining a custom width for beautiful pricing table. If you want to change the total typography of this pricing table, it adds an advantage to choose your desired theme specific fonts from Google Fonts library. On top of that, the Price Table plugin is shipped with 19 ready-made column ribbon, 12 backgrounds, and 7 text color pack, and custom pricing duration text.
Being responsive and lightweight is the mainstay of Price Table, doesn’t create code and version conflict in your existing WordPress theme as well as plugins. If you are not convinced to download this robust pricing table plugin yet, let me inform you that this is one of the most downloaded and rated pricing table plugins comes a variety of different pricing table themes, and ability to add images and videos as pricing column items and only image for table background.

Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table

If you are looking for a creative and vibrant WordPress pricing table plugin even to allure your hasty visitors, Responsive Pricing Table plugin will be the best option you can consider. When you install this plugin, it will add a “Pricing Tables” tab in your WordPress backend from where you can easily create colorful and catchy pricing table manipulating different plugin options. Responsive Pricing Table is a time-saver, quickly create you a stunning pricing table from where visitors can easily choose their suited pricing plan making an instant comparison.
The plugin is available in two different version. The first is light which is available for free download and premium pack gives you an immersible collection of advance pricing table view controlling features like enabling Currency sing and custom buttons for Paypal as well as Stripe, highlight recommended pricing plan, control link behaviors, fonts and font-size and more.

Kento Pricing Tables Free

Kento Pricing Tables Free

Kento pricing Table plugin is proficiently crafted website pricing handling tool for WordPress powered website, is lightweight and fast loading because the plugin is purely developed with CSS3 and HTML technology. Kento Pricing comes with shortcode builder meaning after creating awesome and incredible pricing list, you can publish them in your WordPress Post and Pages just placing a simple shortcode like ([wpt id=”387″])
The plugin is responsive, glutted with intuitive admin panel. From the easy looking and marvelous admin, you can add unlimited custom width for pricing column, color, background image, column, and rows. If you want to customize the front end look of this plugin to tailor with your website theme, the plugin has all facilities enabled at the core to change column radius, margin, hide/show empty fields, and control top and bottom gradient for the flat background.

Easy Pricing Table

Easy Pricing Table

Easy Pricing Table is a fabulous tool to create an astounding and gorgeous WordPress pricing table “on the fly”. The plugin is attractive to eyes and helpful to keep track on conversion wheels proficiently. Easy Pricing Table is minimal and simple can easily be adapted with any of WordPress theme, which allows you to publish highly engaging pricing section after with shortcodes. Like others plugin showcased above, Easy Pricing Table comes with a creative backend interface from where you can easily create unlimited rows and columns for pricing table, customize font-size, color pickers, and border radius, and make a pricing plan featured according to user choices. On the other hand, if you want to create an override for your current theme custom CSS, will give the constant company.

Pricing Table

Pricing Table is a feature packed plugin. The stand out feature of this plugin is shortcodes, comes with numerous parameters which let you switch from one pricing interface to another taking no times. Basically, the plugin is equipped with 4 different pricing table templates and ready for translation. If you worried about the operating process, Let me inform you that operating this plugin is simple, doesn’t take time, because you re-order the pricing items with drag and drop interface.

Bottom Line

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