10+ Best Email Marketing Websites

Sending newsletters is the regular functions of almost every website.

It helps site owner to notify their subscribers or customers about anything important and promotional news. Now the question is how you send emails to interact with people.

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If you’re still accustomed to abusing BCC field of Gmail or Outlook, you are spending your strength doing the work that is sucking your valuable time.

Gmail or Outlook is the tools works great when you send one-off messages to individuals and group. It’s not a handy solution to hundreds and thousands of emails at a time.

To do this email sending job efficiently, you need an email marketing app. It permits you to share news, promotions, announcement and product feature updates in no times. Even, with this tool you can capture leads and categorizes them according to their interest.

Subsequently, you can email category wise. The benefit hasn’t ended here; you can use the free and stunning newsletter templates to save your time.

Apart from everything, I like the schedule feature helpful. It allows sending emails in your defined time. So, you can experiment the best fruitful to time reach your customer. If you’re excited to grab all the feature, hold on. I have a list email marketing apps, you can choose any of those from this list.

Free Newsletter & Email Marketing Apps

I’ve created the following sequence of plugin listing randomly. If you read the apps description and their service details on your own and then take your find decision.


01. MailChimp

Mailchimp is the popular solution out there among the email marketing apps. It has been possible for its advance feature and flexibility. It empowers to boost conversion and gain double revenue.

I am not joking. The tool comes with advanced analytics which helps you track the email campaign performance. On top of that, Mailchimp presents the data using interactive graphs. It allows you to understand trend monitor the subscriber activity with ease.

So, if your business mainly depends on the email marketing campaign. Mailchimp would be your constant companion. It offers subscriber location, bounce rate, open rate, and click maps. Such report extensively helps marketers to take data-driven decision for next email marketing campaign.

Besides providing premium pricing plan, Mailchimp let you send 1200 emails up to 2000 subscriber per month.


02. Benchmark

Benchmark is another robust solution to send newsletters with fun. The tool comes with every possible and essential feature to make your email campaign successful. With Benchmark, you can create an enchanting email using its prebuilt newsletter templates. Subsequently, you can deliver them to the segmented subscriber.

Benchmark has an excellent email template builder to customize newsletters. On top of that, it provides 300+ integration support including WordPress.

Like MailChimp, Benchmark allows sending 14k emails to 2k subscribers per month.


03. Campayn

Campayn is a powerful email marketing tool for small business. It seamlessly helps to design email newsletter template, build a contact list and track on reporting.

Campayn is popular for its differentiating feature. It offers to send follow up emails. It means you can set autoresponder for welcome emails, tutorials and re-introducing old contents for new contacts.

On of that, if you web visitors leaves chart page extensively, you can also send them to follow up emails to return them back.

As Campayn provide premium solutions, but permits to send 2k emails to 500 contacts. On the other hand, it let you set up one follow up email and give you access to basic reporting.


04. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a perfect tool for transactional messaging and email marketing campaigns as well as automation. The tool is easy to easy which allows anyone to configure their company.

The plugin comes with tons of API and integrations to quickly connect with your desired CMS like WordPress. Even, it ensures the proper delivery of your emails the subscriber inbox.

SendinBlue comes with 9k emails sending capability to unlimited contact for free.


05. SendWithUs

SendWithUs is email marketing tool to boost the business growth. It combines with powerful admin from where you can iterate and optimize your email campaign without deploying codes.

The mail marketing solution is cheap, but feature packed. It allows you to run A/B testing, drip campaign, automate emails, use emails template and use segmented emails list.

Thankfully, all the extraordinary features are also available for it Hacker free plan. It allows you to send monthly unlimited emails to 1k recipients.


06. TinyLetter

Tinyletter is a streamlined tool to send unlimited newsletters. The newsletter app ships with personalized signup form and allows you embed its link over landing pages and share through other social media pages.

TinyLetter is best for building an email list and the perfect tool to deliver professional newsletters to 5k subscribers per month for free.

Mad Mimi

07. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi doesn’t pack with tons of features, yet it comes with helpful flexibility. With this email marketing app, you can design fantastic newsletters easy. You can change color and add content seamlessly. Mad Mimi is best for those who want to send free emails. It allows sending unlimited emails to 2500 for five times per month.


08. Sendloop

Sending drip emails to the people when they sing up to a specific list — is the premium feature of various costly email marketing apps. But in Sendloop, you will have options to send automated emails without any restriction.

Besides offering premium plans, Sendloop allows the free package to deliver 10k emails to 2k recipients per month.


09. Mailjet

Mailjet is an integrated solution to send marketing and transactional emails. With this simple email app solution, you generate leads, create, customize and emails template, and monitor the perforation of your designed email campaign.

To attract the new customers to purchase their premium, they provide a free package. The free plan allows you send 6k emails to 2k people.


10. MailChimp

The success of email marketing depends on the matured strategy for perfect mail delivery. To provide the ultimate experience of email marketing tool usage, VerticalResponse provides countless functionality to bring unmatched success at the same time. It allows to schedule newsletters and permits you to share them over social networking channels.

If want to try this tool before going to purchase, VerticalResponse ships a free plan for your consideration. The free plan offers 4 thousand mail delivery to 1k people per month.

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The pricing of may change anytime. So, before using these solutions, please their pricing on your own.

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