Job Board Manager – Report Job

“Job Board Manager – Report Job” allows add functionality to report/flag/moderate  a job with a button. reported job list will

Job Board Manager – Job Feed

Display jobs by followed companies, like social feed, once you follow any company job published from these company will display

Job Board Manager – Categories

Add Categories for jobs and display job count by category via shortcode.

Job Board Manager – Search

“Job Board Manager – Search” allows user to search & filter job by keyword, different meta input ex: Companies, Locations,

Job Board Manager – Archive Ads

Job List Ads – allows to display custom html/ads banner/ custom script after nth items on job list/archive grid. site

Job Board Manager – Stats

Stats for single job total application submitted, bookmarked, total view count. And simple grid for some total factors data.

Job Board Manager – Paid Listing

Get paid by listing job from Woo-commerce product checkout, Paid Listing allows functionality to get payment before job published. You

Job Board Manager – Resume Manager

Create a resume for job seeker and search resume for employers to invite their jobs.    

Job Board Manager – Widgets

“Job Board Manager – Widgets” allows you to display some useful Widgets for “Job Board Manager” plugin.