Have you been looking for the best ecommerce solution to help build your online store? Here is good news for you. In this article, you will find some of the best free WooCommerce multi vendor plugins designed for the purpose of helping you build the best online marketplace. After the success of online stores like eBay, Alibaba, Etsy and Amazon, it goes to say that people are looking to cash in on building their own stores.

The main theme for this is to provide customers with a single place where they can buy products offered by different vendors. This is where the topic of this article comes in – the WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugins. These are plugins that allow you to build your ideal multi vendor e-commerce sites for free. Now, the problem is that there are so many options out there. What you need to do is narrow it down.  To help you, here are the top free WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugins most people use to start an online marketplace.

WC Marketplace

This may be a bit new but it is reliable. Using this plugin, vendors can create complete online marketplace. However, the best part of this is how the core functionality of the online marketplace is free. If you ever want other frontend capabilities, simply purchase some extensions.

Another advantage of WC Marketplace is how it does not have any “Pro” or “Premium” version. All its advanced features are available for everyone to use for free. WC Marketplace is always free. Being free, you might think it lacks the advantages of Pro versions but it does not. You can have all its features at your disposal. It also comes along with a support through WordPress.org, support forum or GitHub.

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

This is another multi vendor plugin that allows you to build a marketplace to earn commissions. The difference is that it specializes in products that you can download. Unlike Dokan and other multi vendor plugins, this does not have a front end dashboard.

Additionally, YITH Multi Vendor does not have the ability to add or update products from the frontend. In contrast, it features another extension called “YITH Frontend Manage for WooCommerce”. This extension provides the frontend capabilities that YITH Multi Vendor lacks. But, this is at the cost of $60 for a single site. If you visit its page, you will find out all other features that the plugin provides.

WC Vendors

This is by far the most popular Multi Vendor plugins right now. This plugin allows you to create your own online marketplace and sell all kinds of products. Upon creating your ecommerce site with WC Vendors, vendors can sell downloadable products, tangible products or virtual products. With every sale, vendors receive commissions you set for every product sold through your store.

WC Vendors have already been around since 2011. And since then, it remains the top multi vendor plugin. It is packed with most of the features you can find in any other free plugin, top notch support and all other benefits. With WC Vendors, you can have everything you need for superfast ecommerce website that runs smooth every time.

DokanMulti Vendor Marketplace

Out of all the WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugins you can use, the DokanMulti Vendor Marketplace is known as the strongest of them all. It allows you to use some of the most advanced features for creating your own multi vendor marketplace in only 30 minutes. This plugin successfully brought WooCommerce in the front end by providing successful implementation of the platform’s capabilities.

Dokan features a complete frontend experience. This allows you to have your own personalized dashboard with everything you need. How about the backend access? Dokan restricts it only to admin. With only just these two features, users can already tell that Dokan offers them WooCommerce capabilities completely on a higher level.

Quick and easy to use, your business operations are smooth in Dokan. It is a platform that continues to grow as it is regularly updates to keep operation flawless and services dependable. Dokan allows unlimited vendors to create unlimited products through add-ons such as Dokan WC Bookings and Dokan Simple Auction. With Dokan WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins, you can earn in so many ways.

WooCommerce Frontend Manager

If what you are looking for is a smart multi vendor plugin, the WooCommerce Frontend Manager is just right for you. Users who already have tried the plugin can tell they had the best experience with WooCommerce Frontend Manager. They do this by displaying cutting-edge features for high end solution.

The WooCommerce Frontend Manager is fully compatible with other multi vendor plugins such as the WC Vendors, WC Marketplace and WooCommerce Product Vendors. In addition, the plugin is fully compatible with WordPress-WooCommerce themes. This gives you the ability to utilize styling option so you can transform your dashboard to a more site like appearance.

In your WCFM dashboard, you can take advantage of features such as:

  • Create and Manage Simple, Grouped, External, Variable, Bookable, Subscription, Auction, Job Package, Auction, Accommodation, Rental and Resume Package Products
  • Knowledgeable Module
  • Vendor PDF Invoices
  • Notification Module
  • Vendor Groups and Staffs
  • Vendor – Direct messaging system to store admin and more

WooCommerce Frontend Manager is extremely responsive, easy to use and free. Thus, it is not surprising that it is one of the top WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins in the market today. Though not as popular and high end just like Dokan, it merits to be on the list of the best. This is, without a doubt, one of the best plugins to build your ecommerce website for free.

In looking for your choice of WooCommerce multi vendor plugins, these five are at the top choices. To further narrow it down, it is wise to visit their pages and see for yourself what specific features they offer. This way, you can compare and contrast to determine which one is really the best and is suited to your kind of ecommerce website.